Sunday, January 01, 2006

Secrets of the Sidebar: Group Two

Group Two: Thanagarians, Subtext, Stuffed Animals and other Blogging Essentials
  • Seven Hells! -- A good sign I'm going to be linking to someone is when I find myself instantly start laughing at a post, without really realizing why.
  • The Absorbascon -- Scipio was the first person I linked to. Everybody links to Scipio, because he is that funny. This remains one of my favorite images ever.


  1. Whooohooo!

    So this is what "The Champagne Room" looks like...


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  3. Yay! Thanks, Ragnell. You're tops on my list too. Don't hold it against me I haven't posted since mid-December...I've been in London and posting on my other (non-comics) blog. I'll catch up soon.

    Thansk for the kudos!