Thursday, March 12, 2009

For Sale: One Feminist Linkblog, Slightly Neglected

When Fangirls Attack: Announcement

Those of you who still follow this linkblog may have noticed a sharp decline in the quality and quantity of posting here on WFA. Anna's always great manga posts are the notable exception, but sadly, she can't carry the weight for all of us.

The truth is that real life got in the way and got in the way hard, and we've come to some unpleasant truths. There's no way we can keep this linkblog going.

We're sentimental types though, and we like to think that WFA serves a purpose in the fan community. We'd like to see it continue and regain some of the relevance it had previously.

That's why I'm posting. We're looking for someone/some people who are interested in taking over WFA.


Just as Kalinara's school gets really intense, I get transferred from working on aircraft to working on air traffic control systems -- a considerably more demanding job -- in a completely different country.  Something had to give, and really it was internet time.  I haven't really checked my bloglines since January (I haven't written anything substantial since last year), and I keep up to date through a couple mailing lists and through what I see on Twitter.  This is no recipe for keeping track of discourse of any type.  So Melissa and I sat down and decided it was time to let the brainbaby go to someone else.  We decided to leave ourselves because we knew we'd get picky and bossy as subordinates on any team.

Email me at ragnellthefoul[AT]hotmail[DOT]com if you're up for keeping track of the blogosphere and posting a regular linkdump.

Oh, and don't do it alone.  Bring friends, for sanity's sake as well as to spread the work out.