Monday, September 06, 2010

Am I being paranoid here?

Found on dcwomenkickingass:

Now, you all know I fucking love Green Lantern, and I love the Flash. But something's off lately. Early this century, it was all about the Big Three: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. They were there for everything. But for some reason, there's been a rise of Green Lantern and a quiet shuffling to the back of Wonder Woman. More and more I'm seeing promo images with Hal rather than Diana in it, and it's starting to weird me out. Not to mention there are now three Green Lantern books while there's only ever one Wonder Woman book, and he's getting a live-action movie and a sequel to his animated but her sequel was canned and her live-action movie is perenially in development hell.

And now we have the Flash on there, and no Wonder Woman. Is this because of the costume shakeup? Or are they just giving up on even pretense now?

Something just seems terribly, terribly off lately. Maybe we should break out the stationary and pens and remind them we're interested.