Friday, January 19, 2007

We haven't done a caption game in a while.

Have fun, I even left a bit to get you started.

(Here's the original image, scanned out of The Best of the Spirit)

Gossiping Gods!

Guess what happened next.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Since I'm doing memes anyway..

(Found via Artemis and Racy Li)

Thirteen Books I Started Reading, But Haven't Finished

1) Triplanetary
2) Rituals of the Dark Moon
3) Women in the Line of Fire
4) Superconscious Meditation
5) Any Four Women Can Rob the Bank of Italy
6) War of the Worlds
7) Survival
8) Art is a Way of Knowing
9) The Prince
10) The Universe Next Door
11) The Second Sex
12) Witchcraft for Tomorrow
13) To Write Like a Woman

(Just started 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 13. I've given up completely on 8, 9, and 10.)

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Five Things Feminism Has Done For Me Meme

I was tagged for this one a long time ago. I am terribly slow with memes. Also, I fear this will reveal too much of my petty, vindictive soul.

Oh well.

Here goes:

1) Last November, two men who signed their names to absurd, criminally unconstitutional legislature, wasted taxpayer money, and had the most odious personal politics I have ever heard of were voted out of office, and I helped. Yay Suffrage!

2) When in a discussion about politics or feminism, and someone states something to the effect of "Have YOU ever served?" or implies that women should be eligible for the draft if they want equality, I can say "Yes, in fact I enlisted during the Clinton years before patriotism became so popular. How about you?"
Past military service still carries a surprising amount of weight with a lot of people in the US, and its only because of feminism that I had the option.

3) I can upgrade and troubleshoot my own damned computer because of the training I got in the military, in a career field that was not open to women fifty years ago.

4) I have my own job, and I pay for my rent, my food, and my utilities with money that I earned myself. I didn't need to stay with my parents until I got married.

5) When I'm finished working, and need to relax, I can go online and find a story that features a woman like me, who has my interests, and my skills, and maybe some of my background. This does not have to be a romance story, though it can be if I'm in the mood. It can be political, fantasy, science fiction, or just a story about ordinary life. It can be online or at a nearby store, a television show I hadn't known about, a comic, or written prose. I can find a story where the hero, a woman, drives the story, does not fit entirely into a set little box of wife, mother or daughter based on how she relates to a male hero. I can find a story that doesn't try to subtly drive my lifestyle choice in a direction I find unsatisfying, just because that's the social role for my gender. I can find a story that values what I do and affirms that women can have it too. I can write such a story and reasonably expect to see it published and read.

Which is basically a long way of saying I can dream, and share it with others, and I can learn what other people dreamed about, and there aren't stupid limits on what we can share based on what's acceptable for girls to dream about.

And this meme is old, so whoever hasn't been tagged before and is reading this, consider yourself tagged.

Hey, those aren't the rules!

Okay, one thing keeps bothering me about this post:
The questions began. First I was asked to establish more credentials, and it wasn’t even innocently phrased anymore. One guy said, word for word, “If you really like Batman, name three Robins.” Because hey, I’m me, I busted out Stephanie Brown, in fact, and not Tim Drake. I was then told that I’d forgotten one. (“No, you asked for three and I named three. If you wanted Tim, you should have asked who the three male Robins were.”) I was asked who killed Jason Todd. I was asked to detail current storylines.
Since no else has mentioned it yet, I might as well.

Didn't she win?

I mean, seriously. She knew Stephanie Brown and they didn't. Their knowledge of Batman trivia was inferior to hers. They had no right to keep questioning. In fact, she could have been demanding that they prove their geeky credentials because they were out of date.

She won, dammit. They're supposed to lower their heads and bare their soft underbellies for devouring. No fair, dammit.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Check out Bully's place today, too

Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Off-Topic Reading: Civil Rights History

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

(I'd never seen this one before today)

Solicits and Ice

On Wednesday, work itnerrupted me and I didn't make it to the comic book store. And then on Thursday, work interrupted again. I made plans for Friday and that was when the storm hit. I waited out the ice, living off oatmeal and macroni and cheese in the meantimke, until today when I stumbled out of my cavern to clear off my car.

That took 40 minutes.

Then, I was stuck in the parking spot. It took 10 minutes, a bag of kitty litter, and a neighbor's help to get out.

I made my way down the icy road to the dry cleaner's, which was on the corner. On a clear day this trip takes 2 minutes. Today, 15.

Obviously the comic book store, half-way across town, was out of the question. So much for JSA and GLC this week. Maybe Wednesday. Today even the discount grocery store a few blocks away was out of the question. Instead I went to the one which is close, but so expensive you actually save money by going to the 7-11 instead (but the 7-11 is out of kitty litter). Yeesh, Skinner Spaghetti for $1.70? WTF? That's a 10 cent item!

But hey, at least I have power. And a phone line to order pizza.

And the DC solicits are up for my birth month!

They're pushing two Wonder Woman issues that month, which that means the bimonthly crap is over when Heinburg bolts (if we'll actually have the end of Heinberg's run by April is another question). I might be satisfied with Piccoult for a while if she can get a script done on time. Also, Amazons Attack starts that month, so they might be setting up a Wonder Woman month in April.