Saturday, April 11, 2009

Every once in a while, Sims shows evidence of a working brain.

Like on IM today...

Chris Sims: So.
Chris Sims: To review.
Chris Sims: Post-Nextwave, Machine Man gets to be a surly, drunken, shape-changing leading man in MARVEL ZOMBIES 3, where he takes on an entire planet of the undead and wins.
Chris Sims: Post-Nextwave, Monica Rambeau gets to be in MARVEL DIVAS, which is described as "Sex in the City in the Marvel Universe."
Chris Sims: No wonder you women are so mad all the time.

The comparison hadn't occurred to me until then. I'd even been willing to write the whole thing off as EiC Foot-in-the-Mouth syndrome, but now I'm all mad Marvel again.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Marvelous thoughts

Courtesy of Brainfreeze:

If this is timed for July 4th, I might be able to keep my ice cream money.

And if we're reading this promotional stuff right, I hope Bucky goes back to being Winter Soldier rather than some silly new identity. Winter Soldier is actually a pretty good codename, considering the alternatives, and I absolutely adore that character design. Honestly, I wish he'd wear his Winter Soldier outfit and just use the shield more often.


A conversation on Twitter about X-Men merchandise led to the realization that Wolverine is the Lancelot of the X-Men. This probably isn't anything original, but those of you who haven't seen it come up should consider these three points:

-- Lancelot was added in the 12th Century to a mythos that dates back to the 5th Century.
-- Wolverine was added in the 70s to a franchise created in the 60s.

-- Lancelot's romantic plotline includes many women (most named Elaine), but revolves around a mutual attraction with Guinevere, who is married to the King.
-- Wolverine's romantic plotline includes many women, but revolves around a mutual attraction with Jean, who is married to the team leader.

-- Lancelot is a Frenchman in an English court.
-- Wolverine is a Canadian on a US team.

-- Lancelot periodically goes off wandering to avoid being tempted by the Queen. At least once he went crazy and lived in the woods like a wild animal.
-- Wolverine periodically goes off wandering into other people's books. At least once he went feral lived in the woods on the schoolyard grounds like a wild animal.

-- Lancelot is now such a central character that a King Arthur movie or book without Lancelot is almost unthinkable.
-- Wolverine is now such a central character that not only is an X-Men team without Wolverine is almost unthinkable, he has to guest-star in every comic Marvel publishes. Hell, they once did a whole month where everyone just fought Wolverine! He was in the fricking Invaders that month!

I'm certain we can find more if we tried.


And finally, I'm more extensively annoyed at Marvel over on Robot 6. Enjoy.