Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Frontier Preview

Its more of a "Making of" than a trailer, but it has a few clips of Hal and Barry in there.

(Thanks Lisa)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Quiz Time!

When Fangirls Attack is a blog created to link articles specifically about women in comics.

Many of those articles are fairly negative in tone.

What do these two facts in conjunction tell us?

  • A) Women are often portrayed poorly in comic books.

  • B) Women in comics fandom and the comics industry are often treated poorly.

  • C) Both A and B.

  • D) Women complain about everything.

If you answered "D", I have an assignment for you (And no half-assing it, because we'll know). If you choose a post linked on WFA to comment on about "an endless parade of rage" and "you're just happy about nothing", go to the main page of the blog and read the posts on their front page. See if they are generally happy or angry about other things before you go accusing them of being "rage-a-holics."

I'm not saying there aren't ranting blogs out there, but I have some of these people I link on feed. Even just searching, I still see a lot of normal posts. Many of them are deliriously happy over many things in comics that won't ever be linked on WFA because they aren't on-topic for the blog.

In short, stop and make sure you're not making stupid fucking generalizations before you comment.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

There may be a simpler explanation to your predicament.

So, Kalinara wrote an answer to this Pink Raygun entry about how SDCC pros were tensing up when she mentioned she ran a female-centric website and wanted an interview for it (Sounds to me like a guilty conscience, but I wasn't there. Hell, it may have been heartburn). Alpha Girl's site-buddy John commented on the post and reminded me of something. Alpha Girl, who posts under her pseudonym (but uses her real name in the site info) is named Lisa.

I almost asked for him to please clarify his Lisas from now on, because I (Lisa Fortuner of Written World, When Fangirls Attack, and Blog@Newsarama in case you're new here) am always getting mixed up with fellow comic book feminists Lisa Lopacinski (POWER in Comics, Sequentially Speaking, Neptune Comics) and Lisa Jonte (Girlamatic, Women's Work). That's why I much prefer to be referred to as Ragnell the Foul everywhere but Blog@Newsarama. Simplicity's sake.

Anyway, I wonder if Alpha Girl is introducing herself with "Hi, I'm Lisa and I have a website for female fans"?

Because that might have a different effect than saying something like "Hi, I'm Charlotte and I have a website for female fans."

Just a thought.