Sunday, August 05, 2007

There may be a simpler explanation to your predicament.

So, Kalinara wrote an answer to this Pink Raygun entry about how SDCC pros were tensing up when she mentioned she ran a female-centric website and wanted an interview for it (Sounds to me like a guilty conscience, but I wasn't there. Hell, it may have been heartburn). Alpha Girl's site-buddy John commented on the post and reminded me of something. Alpha Girl, who posts under her pseudonym (but uses her real name in the site info) is named Lisa.

I almost asked for him to please clarify his Lisas from now on, because I (Lisa Fortuner of Written World, When Fangirls Attack, and Blog@Newsarama in case you're new here) am always getting mixed up with fellow comic book feminists Lisa Lopacinski (POWER in Comics, Sequentially Speaking, Neptune Comics) and Lisa Jonte (Girlamatic, Women's Work). That's why I much prefer to be referred to as Ragnell the Foul everywhere but Blog@Newsarama. Simplicity's sake.

Anyway, I wonder if Alpha Girl is introducing herself with "Hi, I'm Lisa and I have a website for female fans"?

Because that might have a different effect than saying something like "Hi, I'm Charlotte and I have a website for female fans."

Just a thought.


  1. Or it could be they're afraid Lisa Simpson is about to come give them a lecture on something.

    Or peraps...I wonder... is there just something in having the name Lisa that inspires women to activism? A sort of link through Jung's Collective Unconcious that connects all Lisas everywhere? ;)

  2. Maybe we're all the same Lisa! Haaaaaaa Ha Ha Ha.

  3. You know, I never even considered that "Ragnell" wasn't a real name. I just assumed that your parents were big English Lit. fans, like how kids with hippy parents end up with names like "Inspiration" or "Comet Dust" or "Marble".