Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Green Lantern is Readable Again

The Green Lantern solicits are up. Be careful before you click because there is a major "War of the Green Lanterns" spoiler on the cover of the mainbook.

Spoiler: It is the least surprising of the surprise endings we all thought of. It is also the one that's the least likely to last past the next movie.

But really I've brought you all here today to spoil Kyle's book. Because they show the actual team, and they show the Star Sapphire.

Most importantly, they show the Star Sapphire's outfit.

It has been improved.

And for once, that means actually improved.

No floating white collar.

No glowing vagina.

No incredibly odd cutaways.

Yeah, there's still cleavage to forever and it looks like she's going to an aerobics class in the 80s, but it's so much better than this:

Thank you, DC, for doing the one thing I needed you to do with Green Lantern for me to get back on board. I love you, and I will come back to you.

PS: Having what looks like my beloved Sheriff Mardin unconscious on the Green Lantern Corps cover helps, even if it is the ultra-glam white-coded makeover of her.