Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well, what do you know...

It worked:
In those two panels, in that one gesture of Batman contemplating the Robins he’s lost in front of the symbol of those losses, that line of suits in cases, the glass ceiling keeping girls out of the red and green and gold costume at Batman’s side finally cracked and fell.
I'm not taking this as DC has gone feminist. But they've noticed that female fans read female characters, and given in to a reasonable request in order to please those fans.

Most importantly, the idea of female fanbase for Batman comics is in their heads, and it's a fanbase they'll market to.

And on the whole, this is pretty damned impressive from a Green Lantern fan's point of view. I mean, it took ten fucking years to get a straight white male lead's mischaracterization retconned into mind control on our side of the fence.

Quick Notes on Green Lantern

1) Once again, John is the only Lantern with any brains.

2) They are seriously foreshadowing that someone is going to come after Jim again.

3) I have some conspiracy theories about Scarface (the female Lantern burned in the fight with the AntiMonitor) but I'm going to let them stew until we get more information in this plot. I will say that I'm increasingly hopeful that this all ends with Ganthet returning to Oa and declaring that he's taking over again because the Council is full of idiots and cowards.

4) Notice that Boodika is the only one of the Lost Lanterns who is still hostile to Hal.

5) I'm annoyed there's no hint as to who the first Blue will be. I'm hoping for a female human.

6) Does anyone else get the feeling that at DC when male characters kill (Black Adam, Wonderman) it sends them to villain territory, but female heroes can kill and stay heroes (Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Manhunter)? Some sexism at work where women are thought to be less frightening and men less rational, maybe?

Monday, January 28, 2008


Marjane Satrapi is on the Colbert Report!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carnival Notes

Willow's got the 7th PoC SF Carnival posted at Seeking Avalon!

The 52nd Carnival of Feminists is up recently, too.

Scientiae has their submission call posted, due date is January 30th.

Podblack Cat's got a reminder up, with some submission suggestions:Feminist SF Carnival - In Orbit Soon!
I’m looking for those bloggy reflections - whether you’re into space rangers, explorers, fighters, lovers, critiques, oblique-references, hard facts, short temper tantrums, fine analysis, bold statements, bad science, great research, small print, vipers, snipers, con-men, riot-grrrls and just plain representing the spectrum of feminist thought and the intersection with speculative fiction!