Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well, what do you know...

It worked:
In those two panels, in that one gesture of Batman contemplating the Robins he’s lost in front of the symbol of those losses, that line of suits in cases, the glass ceiling keeping girls out of the red and green and gold costume at Batman’s side finally cracked and fell.
I'm not taking this as DC has gone feminist. But they've noticed that female fans read female characters, and given in to a reasonable request in order to please those fans.

Most importantly, the idea of female fanbase for Batman comics is in their heads, and it's a fanbase they'll market to.

And on the whole, this is pretty damned impressive from a Green Lantern fan's point of view. I mean, it took ten fucking years to get a straight white male lead's mischaracterization retconned into mind control on our side of the fence.


  1. Well it's about time. I was pretty excited when I saw that.

    Or maybe it's just Tim going into transition.

  2. Not to rain on anybody's joy parade but this is all just a hallucination in his head or something, yes? Cool as it is to see, I'd say the fight isn't exactly won until the case flat-out exists in the real Cave.

  3. It's still a start and shows that at least they're listening :D

  4. Well, I think it has nothing to do with DC editorial and everything to do with the fact that Grant Morrison is one of DC's more "genuinely liberal" and issue-conscious writers.

  5. Weren't there 3 Robin costumes? Who's is the third? Maybe I'm just remembering it wrong, but I'm picturing 3 with the middle one being the female.

  6. True enough, Ami. :D

    Patrick, there were indeed three costumes. Good eye! I assume that the third costume is either for the retired Dick Grayson or some nasty foreshadowing about Tim Drake (prolly the former).

  7. The Spoiler was an awesome character that BECAME a girl demographic hero by being cool (your daughter can wear a Spoiler costume for halloween... but a Supergirl coostume? All 3 inches of skirt and Extreme Midriff?).

    If DC creates a character for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of being "for the girl reader demographic, made by commitee"... it'll suck. Like Buzz Bunny. Like Poochy.

  8. Hi Ragnell,
    Huzzah! Wondrous news! Thanks for keeping us In The Know.

  9. Apparently, the Dick Grayson costume is from a story in which Robin is thought to have died on another planet.

    Morrison has inserted plenty of old and disused continuity in the dream sequence (Bat-Mite, wirlybat, et al.). Did they happen? Just a dream?