Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pun-tastic Classics

I've been reading Jack Kirby's New Gods collection and I just had to stop for a moment, because I got the point where Orion fights Dark Seid's underwater troops: The Deep Six.

The Deep Six

Peter David has nothing on Jack Kirby.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Recovering from Mom

It's been an interesting few days. Mom and Aunt Marilee were in town, and they are perfect stereotypical Middle-Aged American Tourists. They insisted upon running all over the city looking for sites to see and they just had to eat at Toby Keith's restauraunt. I still have three styrofoam containers full of food leftover from lunch yesterday. It could have been worse. Last time she was in town, Mom made me drive down to his ranch to take pictures of the gates. I wouldn't let her out of the car, for fear she'd jump the fence! I think I'm seeing the beginnings of a Elvis-level obsession here. Twenty years after his death, Mom will call me from Shady Pines to tell me how she saw him at the park with Bigfoot and Ghandi. *Shudder*
Anyway, they both left early this morning, and I had to wake up to see them off. So, I've had the entire day to waste as I see fit.

So, why am I only now posting on my Blog, at 11:30 this evening? I was extraordinarily busy today -- reading comics, reading blogs, reading message boards, etc...

Anyway, I had some time to wander, and peruse the archives, and I have some lovely new links for everyone.

Firstly, James Meeley of The Comics Asylum has a review of Flash #227 up that mirrors my own feelings fairly well. He's also a self-professed Kyle Rayner fan, and looking through his archives I can see he likes space-Kyle and laid out DC's coverage plan for Green Lantern as far back as February, which is pretty impressive, actually.

Then we have Bully, the little stuffed bull of Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun! I can't help but imagine a squeaky, child voice when I read his writing, but he's still worth checking out simply because of this post.

Somebody linked me to "Dr. Doom's Top Ten Euphemisms for Sex" (Posted October 9th, if you're willing to search the archives) on Progressive Ruin and it was hilarious, but I can't remember who or find the link again. Whoever it was, thank you.

And, because such a thing is a rare find: Snark Free Waters Yes, a non-snarky blog. Wow. They're doing a fun clone game right now.

On the message baords, I found a worthwhile interview -- Dave Gibbons gives a few behind-the-scenes hints about Rann-Thanagar War and a bit of teasing about the Green Lantern Corps ongoing.

Same site also has a very fun imaginary dialogue for anyone who has read the JLA: Tower of Babel storyline.

I also took some of the online quizzes everyone links to, but the answer codes won't instantly work, and I don't feel up to manipulating them so that they do.