Monday, August 06, 2007

Quiz Time!

When Fangirls Attack is a blog created to link articles specifically about women in comics.

Many of those articles are fairly negative in tone.

What do these two facts in conjunction tell us?

  • A) Women are often portrayed poorly in comic books.

  • B) Women in comics fandom and the comics industry are often treated poorly.

  • C) Both A and B.

  • D) Women complain about everything.

If you answered "D", I have an assignment for you (And no half-assing it, because we'll know). If you choose a post linked on WFA to comment on about "an endless parade of rage" and "you're just happy about nothing", go to the main page of the blog and read the posts on their front page. See if they are generally happy or angry about other things before you go accusing them of being "rage-a-holics."

I'm not saying there aren't ranting blogs out there, but I have some of these people I link on feed. Even just searching, I still see a lot of normal posts. Many of them are deliriously happy over many things in comics that won't ever be linked on WFA because they aren't on-topic for the blog.

In short, stop and make sure you're not making stupid fucking generalizations before you comment.


  1. Wait, you mean think before you react? I'm not sure that will ever catch on around here.


  2. Is there an E option, cause I don't agree with any of these at all.

    I think topics like sexuality in media are not as black and white as people paint them and a much murky gray.

    I also don't agree with the idea of women complaining about everything to be negative. Complaining isn't a negative action if its toward some purposeful goal. I don't always like the purpose of every WFA complaint, but if they have issues with the industry, they should feel the right to complain about it.

    I am also thrown off by the assumption that thinking that just because WFA complains, it's a trait that is inherent to them as women. It's an insulting leap of logic. If you don't agree with my 2 previous opinion, then your only option is the sexist one.

    In the end, WFA doesn't like alot about the comics industry and like most comic blogs they rage against it. It's not a "chick" thing. It's a fan thing. They state themselves as fans in the website title. I expect them to complain about the industry as much as any fansite like Newsarama or byrne's boards.

    This isn't a two side issue. Please don't paint it as such.

  3. Pedro, how is a statement using the word "often" a black-or-white statement?

    In fact, how are the options presented black-and-white in the first place?


  4. Hi Susan,

    The options are

    The material in comics are often sexist.

    The industry and fandom are sexist.

    Both of the statements are right.

    You believe that as a gender, all women complain about anything comic related.

    I don't agree with any of these. I am really only given two options here. Either believe that industry and the books are often sexist or believe a pretty sexist idea.

    When I have two options, I think of the situation as being black and white.

  5. Well put, Pedro. There aren't enough options here.

    One can disagree with certain, most or nearly all complaints of sexism without simply being the sexist/silly (D) Option.

  6. Isn't limiting the choices to those 4 options a something, something generalization?

    You know, we aren't all thinking with hive vaginas or hive penises.

    I agree with a lot of stuff on WFA, but I also think there are a lot of things that are seriously flawed arguments based on myths and something, something generalizations about the people who disagree with those myths.

  7. Pedro -- "I am also thrown off by the assumption that thinking that just because WFA complains, it's a trait that is inherent to them as women. It's an insulting leap of logic."

    You are absolutely fucking right on that point, and that is why I made this post. I'm talking to comments and posts that specifically say "The fangirls are complaining too much" and the also common "The fangirls are giving women like me a bad name by complaining." The point of that option is that it was an insulting leap of logic and that stupid people are making that very leap of logic.

    Every other option was inconsequential, honestly. Quibble all you like over the other 3, I almost put "Goats have milk" as C because the only one I cared about was the wrong one, but please understand that D is idiotic and sexist, that that's my point, and that people are commenting places to the effect of "D".

  8. Hey quibbling posters! Can't decide what to answer? Here's a handy trick I learned in school - read the question thoroughly! *DING*

    There are two facts at the start you may have missed. Now, quibble with these facts, but the question is asked assuming these are true. I happen to have observed the same thing from WFA, and I might add that WFA links a considerable number of posts, not too frequently from the same people.

  9. D) Women complain about everything.

    Hey, they're just trying to fit in with the fanboys.

  10. I agree with the 2nd half of the anonymous post. The "regular" (mostly male) comic sites have the same amount of negative posting. Anyway, I just analyze each post seperately. There are certain people that like to complain about everything - female or male.

  11. "In short, stop and make sure you're not making stupid fucking generalizations before you comment."

    But that's what the whole comment system is built on. Its roots trace back to the birth of the Internet, when collegians perfected the art of arguing without listening.

  12. Complaining IS a trait inherant to women. Thats why its called bitching.

    Its not afterall called studding.

    And yeah I think most of you are just ugly ass bitches who havent been properly stuffed with beef in waaaaaaay to damn long.

    I think y'all are determined to see sexism everywhere so you have an excuse to be miserable, bitchy, and nasty little dykes.

  13. Anon -- You have me confused. Here by your own rule, complaining is a woman thing but here you are complaining about people complaining so you mustn't be a man.

    But, your comments seem to refer to women as separate from you.

    I can only conclude that you are a troll jealous of those who can spell and form an informed opinion.