Monday, January 15, 2007

Solicits and Ice

On Wednesday, work itnerrupted me and I didn't make it to the comic book store. And then on Thursday, work interrupted again. I made plans for Friday and that was when the storm hit. I waited out the ice, living off oatmeal and macroni and cheese in the meantimke, until today when I stumbled out of my cavern to clear off my car.

That took 40 minutes.

Then, I was stuck in the parking spot. It took 10 minutes, a bag of kitty litter, and a neighbor's help to get out.

I made my way down the icy road to the dry cleaner's, which was on the corner. On a clear day this trip takes 2 minutes. Today, 15.

Obviously the comic book store, half-way across town, was out of the question. So much for JSA and GLC this week. Maybe Wednesday. Today even the discount grocery store a few blocks away was out of the question. Instead I went to the one which is close, but so expensive you actually save money by going to the 7-11 instead (but the 7-11 is out of kitty litter). Yeesh, Skinner Spaghetti for $1.70? WTF? That's a 10 cent item!

But hey, at least I have power. And a phone line to order pizza.

And the DC solicits are up for my birth month!

They're pushing two Wonder Woman issues that month, which that means the bimonthly crap is over when Heinburg bolts (if we'll actually have the end of Heinberg's run by April is another question). I might be satisfied with Piccoult for a while if she can get a script done on time. Also, Amazons Attack starts that month, so they might be setting up a Wonder Woman month in April.


  1. Re: Wonder Woman being bi-weekly in April...maybe they're trying to make up for the fact that one of the "Trinity" had a relaunch that became a bimonthly book...I just hope it's not a case of quantity over quality...and did you check out the look on WW's face on that cover? Is it smug satisfaction that she's not tied up for once? :-)

  2. She does seem to be enjoying herself. Just like the good old days in the Golden Age, when she got to tie everyone else up. :)

  3. I thought that it was supposed to know...WARM in Oklahoma? Meanwhile in Connecticut we haven't even had more than a dusting of snow yet! The Apocalypse is surely upon us.

    I am also so totally immersed in Green Lanterns lately,that when I saw the word "Ice" in your title, I thought that you were going to talk about Tora. I need serious help.

    But looking forward to Wonder Woman and the rest.

  4. Ha! When I saw your header, I thought it was in reference to Tora too, especially with this from the Birds of Prey solicit:

    Plus, the return of a very cool character to the DCU!