Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

(Yes, this is how I spent New Year's Eve. I am Ragnell the Foul, of the Night Shift. I do not get invited to parties.)


  1. Hey, you defended Ron Marz ability to write a strong female character at Seven Hells! So, you at least were productive for your New Year's Eve. ;)

    Happy New Year, Ragnell.

  2. Yo, Happy New Year!

    Just between the two of us, I've actually got company in the other room and am pretending to gather more food and drink as I write this...

  3. Let's hope 2006 is a happier year ... and that next new year's eve is a little more lively and fun :)

    I picked up two issues of NEW FRONTIER, by the way. Wonder Woman IS taller than Superman.