Sunday, January 01, 2006

Secrets of the Sidebar: Group One

Group One: Librarians, Lesbians, and other Ladies.
  • So So Silver Age -- People might think I don't like these ladies, because I constantly link to this post. In fact, they may even think I'm maliciously mocking them. I'm just teasing a bit, actually. The truth of the matter is, I link to it because it's just the sort of thing I might say myself, and I find it a pretty entertaining read (I also feel bad I never pointed out that Jade was a crappy character and that killing her can only help the representation of woman in comics in the comments there). So odds are, I will link to it again, and again. Sorry!
    I keep going back to the blog itself, however, because of stuff like this, which is a much better representation of the content.
  • Redhead Fangirl -- I am fascinated by her dislike of Power Girl, who is one of my favorite characters. This is when I decided to add her to the roll, though.
  • Dance of the Puppets -- I actually meant to add her to the blogroll earlier than I did. I'd assumed she was already there, as I'd bookmarked her around here, and constantly visited afterwards. Oops!
  • Comics Fairplay -- This woman may be responsible for my change of heart about Ron Marz. As I've stated before, my sister and I dropped Green Lantern after Jade got the crap beat out of her by Fatality and needed a last-minute rescue after a pitiful performance. We'd only been reading since Donna left, so we didn't see any other prominant female. It was around the time of the Refrigerator list, so, we drew a natural conclusion that Ron Marz couldn't write women, so we turned to enjoy Kyle in JLA, specials, and Green Lantern in back issues (in actuality, it was Marz who made me like Hal Jordan in Emerald Knights!). I didn't read it again until Winick's run (and my sister had to loan me her issues first!).
    Now, the well-reasoned points brought up here, only as recently as October, made me reread some of my old Green Lantern stuff and reevaluate Jade as a character. I then reread her appearances written by the other writers. I realized she was not out of character, and that I actually despised her even more than Heidi did. I also realized that, without going from the presumption that he didn't understand women, the rest of Marz's writing wasn't bad after all. His Alex was actually fairly impressive, his Donna was stomachable, his Maura Rayner was awesome. So, thanks to Comics Fairplay, I am not only willing to pick up Ion in 2006, but I'm actually looking forward to it.


  1. I am sitting here in awe after reading your thoughts about my Jade post. For once words fail me except for these:

    Thank you!

  2. Hey, I harbor you no ill will. I also appreciate that you've kept reading the blog, instead of blowing me off as one of those crazy-ass ranting Hal fans (even though I am one from time to time). I really appreciate that you liked "A Ring, an Oath, and a Fan," which is the single longest post on SSSA, but also the one with the most meaning for me personally.

    As far as Jade is concerned: I first met her at a time when there weren't any female Green Lanterns at all. Being a little kid and wanting someone to relate to (and not yet knowing who the hell Arisia, Katma Tui, or Boodika were), I took a liking to her. I wish she was a stronger character, much like how I wish Zatanna was a stronger character right now. But her fate isn't making me lose sleep or anything.

    Also: I really dig the entry on Wonder Woman below. Classy stuff.