Sunday, January 01, 2006

Secrets of the Sidebar: Group Seven

Group Seven: Zombies with a plan for World Domination. It involves a box of comics, Dr Polaris, and a Sometimes Right Triangle.
  • Chronicle of World Domination -- He's very new to this, but he likes Rebirth and is a thoughtful reasonable person. Plus his blog has a good name. I figure he deserves some traffic.
  • Johnny Triangles -- T has finished moving. Yay! I look forward to more posts like his Wanted Review.

  • The Last Shortbox -- An intriguing concept. Too early to judge, but he also deserves some traffic.

  • Reporting on Marvels and Legends -- Spencer broke the Marvel prohibition before I ever heard of Calvin. This was the first post I caught and I found no reason not to clear a path for him.

  • Title Undetermined -- I saw the first post he posted the day after he posted it. It wasn't long before before he gave me a beautiful quote (Can you guess which sentence it is in this post?).

  • Zombie Mallet -- Mallet speaks a completely different language than I do, it seems, but we do agree on one thing.


  1. I don't speak a different language.

    I just get more meanings out of the word "Fish"

  2. That's for the linkage, I'll repay it with a return link on my site ^^