Sunday, January 01, 2006

Secrets of the Sidebar: Group Three

Group Three: Straight-jackets, Creative Cooking, Drainage, Carnage, Office Solutions, Insomnia, and the worst Travel Agency in the DC Universe!
  • The Comics Asylum -- James Meeley is thoughtful, polite individual that I never noticed until I found he had the same opinion I did on this issue of the Flash
  • Comics Ate My Brain -- This is one of the first blogs I ever visited. When I was first put on graveyard shift, I found myself up at odd hours when no one else was about. There was nothing to do. This led to websurfing. And so, searching for Green Lantern information, I found this, and this.
  • Facedown in the Gutters -- I started visiting this one back when Jon was doing his ongoing feature on character costumes, and I thought he had a charming way of naming his reviews every week, so I kept returning. This post is what cemented his link, however.
  • Filing Cabinet of the Damned -- I only knew Harvey from commenting on the Absorbascon, so when I ran across this link (from someone or another's site) I didn't realize until the end it was someone I'd bantered with the week before.
  • Of Course, Yeah! -- I'm a DC-centric reader, so I didn't really care to add Marvel-centric blogs for a while. This post changed my mind. It was followed immediately by this post which made me realize that Spencer had some taste afterall.
  • The Zeta-Beam -- The first post I read of this guy's, and he completely won me over. It also helps that he likes Buckaroo Banzai too. (Though I didn't see the 50-cent preview issue last week!)

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  1. As far as I know you were the first person to link to the Zeta-Beam so let me finally say thanks!

    Of course now that I'm linked in a couple of places there's all that pressure have my blog be interesting and such.

    I was very disappointed not to find the Buckaroo Banzai preview issue last week also. After a bit of research (meaning I logged on to Moonstone's message boards) I discovered that the issue will now be released "sometime in January."

    Disappointing, but I've waited 21 years for new Baznai material so I guess I can wait a few more weeks.