Saturday, May 27, 2006

Weekly Women's Geek-Out #2

I have an appointment for the Med-faire later this morning (and not even my comically sprained ankle will stop me. I'll get one of those wooden staffs and hobbled around), so this week's batch will be short and sweet. (I'll join in on the She-Hulk conversation when I get back, but it seems to be going wonderfully without me and I've been outright challenged by a couple of the commenters!)

I figured those of you on livejournal who like comics might appreciate a female-based community There's a number of Fangirl communities there, but Comic Fangirls has been especially active lately.

I've been monitoring 100LittleDolls (found through Kalinara's blogroll) for a few weeks now. The content is splashed across gaming, comics, and political topics, and is always thoughtful and feminist. These interest usually combine, as in this post about a video game, the comments on a Feminist website about it, and ethnocentricity.

Sherin at BigMonkeyComics is musing about Poison Ivy in the Fan Fatale forum (aimed at women) this week. In addition to asking which very of Ivy is the real character, she asks about her kiss-of-death-power. "Is it just another case of male desires driving female characters’ powers or is it a girl-power move in which Ivy uses male libido and the law of blood from the brain… (think about it) in the cleverest of turnabouts?"

Ahh, Comic Books. I love them a lot, but I sometimes find more to complain about in my purchases than praise. Yet I keep buying them! Carla at Snap Judgements gives this disorder a name, calling the tendancy to buy horrible books and then complain endlessly about them online Take Back Ike" Syndrome. (And yes, I too will be watching X-3 despite expecting to hate it. Because it's got Multiple Man)

And finally, cshiana at The Matchstick, the girl who grew up in a comic book store. She dislikes Green Lantern, but I forgive her because I found a picture of Ice hugging a baby seal on her blog. And she is not alone in loving Bigby Wolf.

You can find last week's list here.

Once again, enjoy the new blogs, feel free to e-mail me any suggestions, and these ladies are going up on the blogroll as soon as I get home on Monday. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Ah, Ragnell, don't think too badly of me! I don't completely hate GL... I just loved having Kyle as GL so much that I find myself resenting Hal. I get annoyed at the fact that so many heroes from the "younger" generation get overthrown for their dead predasesors. Like Conner... I like Ollie and Hal, but I also like Barry - and Wally won me over regardless.

    And that picture of Ice was hard to find! Glad someone else appreciated it ;)

  2. Sorry about your ankle, Ragnall. If you lived near me I'd loan you my late mum-in-law's otter-head walking stick, that's always been a big hit at the RenFaires I attend. Is that you in garb? Very pretty!

  3. Have fun, Ragnell! What a pretty dress, too! Are you wearing that one today?

  4. Hey, thanks so much for the link--it means a lot to me.

    I hope you have a blast this weekend!

  5. All this and Ren Faires too??


    And yes, I too will be watching X-3 despite expecting to hate it. Because it's got Multiple Man)

    I think of him as my fur coat to help me cover the bruises this movie leaves me otherwise.

  6. cshiana -- Ick, I know. It's irritating, like the 90s never happened storywise (art-wise, I can see where they're coming from). I'm hoping we have Kyle back as a lead in the GLC once this Ion nonsense is behind him. I prefer him, since he's so down to earth, as the space-bound GL -- he brings the space stuff into perspective.

    Elayne -- Thanks, but it was healed up enough to walk on for the few days. Yeah, that's me. My friend Jeremy (who took the picture) is a wizard with a camera.

    Sandicomm -- I was planning to wear it at the Ceileadh, but ended up with my skirt and shirt. Too tired to go back to the hotel and change.

    100LittleDolls -- No problem. :)

    Carla -- *Nod* Although the way they did it had me imagining how much better Bruce Campbell would've been as Jaime.