Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My 50 DC Characters List

I stand by my choices (and await your inevitable mockery).

The List
50. Joan Garrick
49. Wesley Dodds (Sandman)
48. Jonah Hex
47. Bat Lash
46. Leonard Snart (Captain Cold)
45. James Jesse (The Trickster)
44. Darkseid
43. Granny Goodness
42. Sir Ystin (Shining Knight)
41. Cameron Chase
40. Dian Belmont
39. Harvey Bullock
38. Maggie Sawyer
37. Vic Sage (The Question)
36. Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire)
35. Big Barda
34. Zinda Blake (Lady Blackhawk)
33. Dinah Lance (Black Canary)
32. Steve Trevor
31. Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn)
30. The Joker
29. Sandra Woosan (Lady Shiva)
28. Guy Gardner (Green Lantern/Warrior)
27. Tora Olafsdotter (Ice)
26. Rose Psychic (Dr. Occult)
25. Thom Kallor (Starboy)
24. John Stewart (Green Lantern)
23. Querl Dox (Brainiac 5)
22. John Constantine
21. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
20. Kay Challis (Crazy Jane)
19. Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)
18. Jack Knight (Starman)
17. Richard Swift (The Shade)
16. Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman)
15. Ted Grant (Wildcat)
14. Karen Starr (Power Girl)
13. Lex Luthor
12. Phantom Stranger
11. Wally West (Flash)
10. Bruce Wayne (Batman)
9. Clark Kent (Superman)
8. Abigail Hunkle (Red Tornado)
7. Commissioner Jim Gordon
6. Barbara Gordon (Oracle)
5. Tyrannosaurus Reich
4. Jay Garrick (Flash)
3. Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)
2. Ambush Bug
1. Lois Lane


  1. No Shayera Thol? Until she was unceremoniously offed this year, the one and only Hawkwoman was one of the most kick-butt heroines DC had!

    P.S. Like kalinara's list, yours makes the one on my blog look like a total testosterone pig. Ah well...

  2. I believe that's "Mathilda Hunkle". She calls "Ma" not as a mother but as short for "Mathilda".

  3. Maybe she is Marlene Hunkel.

    Anyway, I have only seen three of these lists so far and all seem to include Crazy Jane. So... YAY! Everyone's favorite MPD victim is probably going to qualify.

  4. Oh, crap, I forgot Shayera! *smacks forehead* I knew as soon as I mailed off my list I'd come across an obvious omission.

    Anyway, no mockery forthcoming from this corner of the blogosphere; several characters on your list that just narrowly avoided inclusion on mine (Starboy and Captain Cold spring to mind), a few that slipped my mind (Dian Belmont and Rose Psychic), and a #2 appearance by Irwin Schwabb; what more could I ask for?

    And I applaud the inclusion of a Major Bummer character in your top 5; dang, do I miss that book.

  5. Including Ambush Bug on the list insulates you from any and all mockery.

    Putting him as high as #2 marks you as a woman of refinement, taste, and culture, an aesthete who appreciates the finest aspects of the sequential arts.

    I reserve my mockery for those who fail to include the Bug on their lists. Savages.

  6. I seem to have noticed that mighty Darkseid is on your list three slots behind Cameron Chase.

    Madam, I've read Chase. I like Cameron Chase.

    Cameron Chase is no Darkseid!

  7. Just out of curiosity, which Thom Kallor are we talking about? original or re-boot? (or re-re-boot?)

    And any list that puts Power Girl in the Top 15 is a-ok in my book.

  8. Keeper -- Never been a Hawkfan. (And actually, I cut like ten female characters for males I found had better concepts, or stronger followings. Katma just barely missed it)

    Scipio -- Ahhh, I was going by the JSA reappearance, which had her introducing herself as Abigail Mathilda.

    Batiduende -- Well, she was an AWESOME concept.

    Cap'n Neurotic -- Thanks :) (Oh, and thank Jake for reminding me of that character not long ago.)

    Harvey -- High praise indeed, sir. It's good to see a fellow Ambush-fan.

    Sims -- and here I was thinking Darkseid was no Cameron Case.

    Anon -- Actually, the character has seemed fairly consistent to me through reboots. I prefer the post-Zero Hour version, because that's the first one I knew, but he's one of my favorite Legionnaires because he's basically the same personality in the Adult Legion, only grown up.

    Now, in the most recent reboot, he seemed to act the same, but he got almost no time in the spotlight before I dropped the book (despite adorning the cover quite prominently in issue 2), so I can't say for sure that I like the Starboy there.

  9. Whew. And here I thought I'd be the only person who included Ice, much less went to the trouble of finding out her real name. My list was heavily weighted toward the Giffen-Dematteis era of JLA, which is probably the last time I regularly read and / or enjoyed comics, but trolling the comic blogs recently has sparked my interest once again. Thanks for being a part of that rekindling.

  10. STBD -- Glad to be of assistance. :)

  11. Hey, I had Ambush Bug on my list as #2 as well!

    Good taste, Miz Ragnall. Good taste.