Sunday, May 21, 2006

On the subjects of things we KNOW for sure are true...

(But sincerely wish were a Hoax)

Scans of ASBARTW #4.

I hold them to the same standard as Johnny Sorrow. I don't trust when strangers dress other strangers in their sleep off-panel.

Unless, of course, it's a coma/serious injury situation because that's another story.

But come on, that boy was perfectly well to get dressed on his own!


  1. I'm still ignoring that series. Which I can, because it isn't canon.

    Every night that I continue to ignore that series, I thank my god, your gods and everyone else's that it's not canon.

    I'll do so especially hard tonight. :-)

  2. And since there's no Multiverse anymore, it technically doesn't even exist!

  3. It doesn't exist? Why of course! If it isn't "in continuity," that means it hasn't even been published! "Dark Knight Returns"? "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow"? Never heard of 'em.

  4. Still, I felt better knowing that it was Alfred who dressed Dick, as opposed to it being Bruce. Along with the food, it seems more "fatherly" than "pedophiliac."
    Note that I said "better" but not "alright."

  5. At lesat he bought him dinner afterwards.

  6. Apart from Dick not waking up to find himself in the custody of Child Protection Services, Alfred's behavior was a distinct relief as I read through those pages. Alfred doesn't have the creepy vibe that Sorrow does, though changing him into jammies does seem a bit much. Are they really that much warmer than acrobat tights?

    Butlery thoroughness, I guess. I imagine the rats were too busy hauling off the folded newspaper to line their nest to worry about the food...

  7. Frank Miller has gazed into the eyes of Cthulhu, and his descend into madness knows no limits!

    Personally, I am enjoying the series, but in the "I have absolutely no clue what crazy nonsense Miller is going to write next" way. Surprise me, Miller! Surprise me!

  8. You and When Fangirls Attack are ruining Batman for me ;.; Between linking to posts on how Batman is a negligent idiot (but it's the women around him who get the blame) and the way he treats his Robins... it's completely demolished the capable, serious, and aloof image I had of him. Now he's just an idiot who's abusive with pedo tendencies :(

  9. I dunno. I think there's maybe reading too much into a situation.