Monday, June 18, 2007

Too Little, Too Late

Nice try, Marvel, but one lurid Namor cover does not "equal objectification" make.


  1. Maybe it's a hopeful sign of things to come? <:D

  2. He's not half so objectified as most covers with women on them - what, no butt shot, no crotch shot, no twisting the body to show off all the interesting bits? If this were a lady we'd be praising the positioning of the right leg to give her some modesty... He also looks fighting mad, which puts him way ahead of the HfH cover.

  3. He should also be dripping with goo, and crying, and his speedo should be strategically torn.

    Gotta love the ankle wings though.

  4. That's a pretty boss cover, actually.

  5. That's not to the Namor series is it? Whatever it's from, it looks awesome. Speedo, wing-ankled Namor is the greatest!

  6. It's for an upcoming issue of Thunderbolts.

  7. Okay, I'm the crown prince of all things Namor, so there's three things on that cover that make me HAPPY!

    1. He's in the speedo. Namor doesn't wear clothes, this has been WELL established in just about every series.

    2. Namor fights monsters and bad guys/heroe's when he's crazy. But he's not crazy and the only way you can describe the current version of the Thunderbolts is Monsters and Bad Guys.

    3. Venom is about to get DESTROYED.

  8. Maybe it's a hopeful sign of things to come? <:D

    No its a sign of the Symbiote Invasion storyline to come. I really with I was joking about that...

  9. The acknowledgement that Venom's mouth is actually a giant, toothy vagina is late in coming but still appreciated by this fan.

  10. Well, at least it's a Marko Djurdjevic cover.

  11. Not only that, he is STILl represented as Active and not Passive, as female characters traditionally are - q.v. the "Heroes For Hentai" cover.

    Let's see - is he
    a) cringing?
    b) crying?
    c) fainting in fear/pain?
    d) looking like he's about to be sexually molested rather than just torn to shreds and eaten by Alt-Grendel?


    e) none of the above, but rather struggling ferociously and making defiant grimaces and grappling gestures back at his enemy, despite his bonds and near-nudity?

    Uh-huh. He's not objectified, he's subjectified. It's the difference between naked Hercules leaning on his club, or even a Prometheus Bound and being eaten by the vulture, and Daphne or some other nymph fleeing from Apollo.

  12. Bellatrys -- I was making the Hermes comparison for the little wings on his feet, but yeah I figured this was museum style too.