Tuesday, June 19, 2007

From the Department of Twisted Fan Ideas

Okay, since Kalinara brought it up and bugged me to post it, here's the scenario I laid out for her when I heard the setup for Countdown Presents The Search For Ray Palmer. When I heard the three characters chosen were Jason Todd, Kyle Rayner, and Donna Troy, this is the scene that popped into my head:
Donna: (Slips into room. Both she and Kyle are dressed in WWII-style German military uniforms to fit in on this strange world.) Jason just tried to kill Hitler

Kyle: Wait, wait.. When we found out this was Naziworld, didn't we BOTH turn to Jason and specifically tell him not to do that? Not to do that exact thing he just did?

Donna: Well, we did tell him to act naturally and we both knew going into this that Jason was... fairly... psychotic.

Kyle: We also told him to keep a low profile. It was YOUR idea to bring him and now he's gone and done something that will get everybody on this entire planet trying to kill us!

Donna: Aren't you a Green Lantern? Shouldn't you should be able to handle a few Nazis?

Kyle: Hey, you're an Amazon, why don't you just beat EVERYONE on Naziworld up! INCLUDING THEIR SUPERMAN! And their Green Lantern. Let's just get the attention of everything in this universe and beat them up because there can't POSSIBLY be anything here that can stop us from finding Palmer even though there's a whole bunch of things in every other universe that can and want to destroy us before we catch up to him!

Donna: Kyle, stop yelling at me. You always do this. You always turn into a complete ass whenever the slightest thing goes wrong.

Kyle: I'm the complete ass? I'M NOT THE ONE WHO TRIED TO KILL HITLER!
(Kali found it funny. I'm sure I'll get interesting search results for this one.)

The point is that Kalinara and I are enjoying this idea way too much, and will probably be reading come September. Ron Marz is writing so the odds are pretty good these three will drive each other crazy in a mindlessly entertaining way.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled obsessing over Green Lantern.


  1. Oh this is rich. I love Donna getting all huffy when Kyle actually tries to use reason. Reminds me of my fifteen-year old daughter.

    Of COURSE Jason tried to kill Hitler. Doesn't every toddler do the exact opposite of what you tell them to do? I just believe that Jason is basically two years old and work from there.

  2. Kyle: I'm the complete ass? I'M NOT THE ONE WHO TRIED TO KILL HITLER!

    That line is pure gold, Ragnell.

  3. I meant "Wish I wrote it."


    That's it. I'm back to lurking. It's obvious I can't "do" the whole "post comments" thing....

  4. Just ditto to Rob S. comment. That's an argument winner right there "At least I didn't try to kill Hitler!"