Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flash Fact: Series Titles

Hey, everyone complaining about the title of September's All-Flash #1, there's a reason they did that.

Its historical. In the 40s, Jay Garrick shared the spotlight with several other characters in Flash Comics. He'd get a story, and then a few other characters would each issue. When he got popular enough, they gave him his own quarterly special called All-Flash Quarterly because it was all Flash stories.

Still a dumb name, yes, but its historically dumb and that's what DC Comics specializes in.


  1. It never occurred to me that people wouldn't know the history of the name. I am old, I am old, I shall wear my supersuit rolled.

    The best thing about the title was that, since it was long gone, it allowed punsters to say a canceled title has "gone the way of All-Flash."*

    *I first read this in one of Andrew Smith's Captain Comics columns, but I'm not sure if the Cap'n came up with it himself, or whether it was a fannish thing he picked up and passed along.

  2. I love goofy titles like this! In fact, "Batman Forever" was the only thing I liked about the movie.