Monday, June 18, 2007

Previews and Rumors

(Via) Newsarama has a whopping nine early solicits up before the full ones go live, and this one in particular is quite interesting to me:
Written by Ron Marz
Art by Adriana Melo & Marlo Alquiza
Cover by Mike McKone & Andy Lanning
Get ready for a new series of specials focusing on members of the Sinestro Corps and tying into the “Sinestro Corps War” crossover! In this initial installment, the writer who introduced Kyle, Ron Marz, dissects what led Kyle to his downfall and explains the Parallax entity.
On sale September 19 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US"
Let's not panic. Downfall is vague, and the name "Kyle" may be a typo (or even a purposeful typo, I wouldn't put it past them) and they meant to say "Hal." That would explain the silhouette on the cover looking like Hal's old armor.

Still, the idea I've heard floating around is that Kyle will get possessed. I find it extremely unlikely, Parallax is Kyle's major villain so its very possible he can trip Kyle up without possessing him. Honestly, though, if that happens I don't think it'll bother me so long as its not too dragged out and not just a rehash of what went on with Hal.

At least with Kyle they'd have established its a possession at the start, and I'm sure it wouldn't be a long-term issue because they have him invested in the metaplot already. Though, that would be kind of interesting. Fighting Parallax influence, dealing with Donna and Jason, running from the Monitors and trying to fix the universe.

It could really suck, but even in that case I'd buy it for trainwreck value and to follow one of my favorite characters and maybe get to see Kyle decked out in the Parallax armor. I think he would look awesome with in that costume.

On the other solicits, I am looking forward to Kyle's role in the metaplot. Marz is writing it, and I generally find him to be an amiable writer (you'll hear about it here if he irritates me too much). There is always the chance he will fuck up the female characters, but its not a certainty. I'm not a Ray Palmer fan, but I'll be getting The Search for Ray Palmer.

Infinity Inc and Suicide Squad are not grabbing me like I thought they might.

And I view the Wonder Woman Annual with bitterness, because instead of giving us a real annual they are giving us the issue that should have been issue #5.

Edit: This guy has an interesting point:
Did you notice on the cover for the Search for Ray Palmer, he has a power ring and his freaking crab mask? I think they're putting him back in his old costume. I can't stand that old costume!
Not the costume griping, mind you, because Kyle's first costume is actually looking nice next to the last two (Though the haircut on this cover sketch is dreadful. Does Kyle seem like a crewcut type to anyone who's ever read him? Honestly. I'm going to pretend he and Jason swapped clothing for some inexplicable reason there, because Jason is drawn like Kyle should be), but on the old costume in the other preview. Kyle's downfall = the foolish loss of his powers? Parallax might trick him into giving them up or wasting them.

Oh, I hope they do that. I hope they depower Kyle and make him a regular Lantern again. What he's got is unwieldy.


  1. THIS is going to be interesting. There is already a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    I must admit that I would love for them to bring Kyle's old floppy hairstyle back. A crew cut looks great on Guy, not neccessarily on Kyle.

  2. I thought Geoff Johns solved the Green Lantern problem perfectly in Rebirth and for a few bright, shining months, all was right: Everyone is a Lantern, with Kyle and Guy in Corps, Hal in the monthly, John in JLA and Alan Scott in JSA.

    Then it all went to hell with this Ion business and Hal bumping John out of the League.

    I hope Kyle Lanterns up again soon, and that this Ion business--as well as the "Challengers of Beyond" business--just constitutes a weird detour.

    And I bet that is Kyle Parallaxed. We've seen the Hal Parallax sooo many times, but never really a Kyle one.

  3. There's also the possibility of alternate universes.

    But yeah, John getting bumped out of the league was stupid. I'm wondering if that's why there was so little time for him in GL, maybe the stories were planned around John being busy with the JLA.

    And the Ion business works, as before, for just a storyline, but really Kyle needs to be a GL again, even if he's the crossover/metaplot GL and not the title guy, he should be a GL.

  4. common belief is that this is DC misdirection since Kyle has to be in another book. That frontpage is a classic Superboy Prime pose

  5. Alternate idea:

    Superboy Prime
    The Cover in question

    Prime breaks out of Oa with some help from the Parallax entity, thus fulfilling DC's need for legacy heroes (He's Superman and Parallax, all in one!) and giving up a credible big bad.

    Kyle's downfall? Maybe deserting the Oans or something else. Getting kidnapped by the Sinestro Corps. He held his own against Parallax in Rebirth, this would be a way of showing how bad they are by stepping on the guy.

  6. I've been figuring Kyle was doomed in this event since it was announced he'd be a major character. He's exactly the sort of character that DC likes to kill off/turn evil to show how "major" an event it is. That is, duplicate of another character, not in an ongoing.

  7. Art Adams could just have a bad reference for Kyle's costume, and will fix it in the finished pencils/inks.

  8. Is it big crossover time again already?


    Wake me when it's over.