Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My, my...

Looks like Pedro was on the right track. Check out what Kalinara saw when she checked the official website solicit for Tales of the Sinestro Corps Presents Parallax:
Written by Ron Marz; Art by Adriana Melo and Marlo Alquiza; Cover by Mike McKone and Andy Lanning

Get ready for a new series of specials focusing on members of the Sinestro Corps and tying into the "Sinestro Corps War" crossover!

DC Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale September 19, 2007
That's it. The solicit they gave everyone else is not up there. The plot thickens and I only have one more week to guess what in the Sinestro Corps special is supposed to piss Kyle fans off so badly. I really should know better than to believe press releases for Green Lantern storylines. (And interviews, for that matter).

Still, half the fun of serialized fiction for me is playing detective and seeing how much of the story I can figure out in advance. (Yes, I am the type of fan they are thinking of when they make sure to drop these lies.) If I enjoy the comics more than what I've come up with myself, I consider it a success.


  1. I just realized that this story comes out in September. It's going to be my big reintro to the GL book (though GLCorps is really, really good). Augh, I hate reading solicits so much.

    They announced at NYCC that Justice League Elite was getting a final trade. Hooray! It was solicited this month. Hooray! It comes out in November. You can't see it, but this is my impatient and sad face.

    Still, half the fun of serialized fiction for me is playing detective and seeing how much of the story I can figure out in advance.

    Agree 100%. This New Avengers thing has me actually excited for Marvel's next series of crossover books, which is nuts. I thought I was crossovered out. But now, I'm like "Oh, so-and-so could be blah blah blah!" and chatting it up on forums like a doofus. It feels so good!

  2. David, you're not checking out the start of the crossover next week?

  3. Agh, I hadn't realized it was this close. I saw "Sinestro Corps Special" and assumed "Here's a Who's Who of the Sinestro Corps" instead of it being "Here's the launchpad for the event."

    Guess I got another comic to buy next week :)

    Thanks for the tip, I would've walked right by it.

  4. Oh, something I'd meant to ask you-- are you interested at all in Marvel's Annihilation? EIther the first mini or the new one, Conquest. I know you dig scifi, and for my money, it was the best crossover Marvel's done since, uh, I guess Inferno? It beat Civil War hands down.

  5. I was half interested since it was Giffen written, but I was getting annoyed by Civil War at the time so I avoided picking up new Marvel books.