Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And now, to daydream.

Remember this guy?
“Now Hal Jordan is the ultimate Green Lantern,” Reynolds admits, “but my favorite is John Stewart. I believe that it really is about time for a black, traditional, All-American hero and Stewart represents that.

“He’s gone through everything from being paralyzed to being healed, to being placed in charge of it all, to patrolling 2814. He’s gone through everything. But when you look at his back story as far as where he comes from., how he grew up, that he’s an architect by trade, I think it’s very interesting to think that someone like him was given the ability to just about anything they want with their mind. I also think it’s interesting that he has such a creative mind to begin with. I love the whole idea that the combination of will and determination being the link to his abilities. So I think he would be a really interesting character to bring to the screen, and I’m working hard to make it happen.”

You read that right. Reynolds is currently hard at work on obtaining the rights to DC’s Green Lantern franchise. Ambitious, even for an actor who’s only truly starting to get his first true taste of national exposure. Then again, we’re also talking about one huge comic book fan here; one who is actually working for a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood, and some have even worked out.
Kevin Melrose found a followup on that one.
It’s funny you mention that. I just finished the script; it is done. I wrote it myself. A motion picture – full-length, full action – and now we are beginning the pitch process. I’m very optimistic. I’ll leave it at that. I think that the people that I have in my camp at Warner Bros. are interested in cultivating some of my creativity.

This is my first time writing a script by myself, from start to finish, and I got the thumbs up from them. As a matter of fact, after they read it they told me that it was, in fact, “ready.” It’s something that I really want to do. I hate to put numbers on things…but I’d like to see a 2010 [release]. It’s three films, and the first one is titled “Green Lantern: Birth of a Hero.”…This would be no small task. This will be a huge undertaking. It’ll be a huge undertaking just to keep myself attached to [be the] star, if the script gets green-lit. But my whole life has been obstacles that a lot of people told me were insurmountable.
Oh, and if anyone here makes the same continuity error as this Blog@ Commenter, they are getting laughed off the blog.


  1. Well, well...it's about time that John Stewart got some attention. I'd probably go and see any Green Lantern movie, even if it were done with finger puppets, so I'm sure that I'd see the young gentleman's movie if it were to be made.

  2. What do you mean "even"? ESPECIALLY if it were done with finger puppets!

  3. And if they were Jack Black's fingers!

    Just kidding.