Thursday, June 21, 2007

Finished Flash and JLA

I am purposefully spoiling both for my sister here.

The writing was dreadful, and I can see where a lot of people will be pissed but I'm not. From my POV, they just fixed something that was wrong. I'm extremely satisfied with the ending and will enjoy seeing what Waid and McDuffie do with the results.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to do my "I Told You So" dance.

My sister will know what I mean.


  1. I feel bad for Bart as a character tho :\ Not cuz I like him but I felt like they didn't rly give him a chance. :| He should have at least been in the JLA, instead it just makes him seem like a bad Flash that was just a placeholder for Wally's return. :(

    But I AM glad that Wally is back! :D I just feel bad for Bart. :(

    And the writing in JLA is horrible XD

  2. Ami -- *Nod* He got screwed over. If they'd launched the series RIGHT with a sure bet creative team and had him in the JLA, it could've worked beautifully.

    I was actually hoping that he'd be the Flash for John's GL, get some of the Flash-GL traditional banter together.

    Instead, I just missed Wally a hundred times more and I'm so happy he's back now.

    And now a reunion with Kyle is possible. We've been without Wally-Kyle bickering for too damned long. For a while there they were inseparable, but at some point in both Winick's GL and Johns' Flash they seemed to just drop the idea of the Flash-GL friendship while JLA kept it going for only a short bit longer (I think Joe Kelly is the one who last wrote a good Kyle-Wally moment). I'm really surprised Johns, given his affection for Kyle, never brought it up.

  3. Well! I hardly know what to think. Poor old Bart. I hated him as the Flash, but I was mildly fond of him as Impulse, so I was hoping they'd de-age him or something and stick him in Titans or something.

    On the other hand, I'm so glad that Wally is back, although I am slightly confused about his much older twins. Weren't they just babies? And it was weird that Wally and Roy looked EXACTLY ALIKE!

    We do need some good old-fashioned Wally/Kyle bickering. Throw Roy and Connor Hawke in there too, and have a boy's night out or something.

    Was it me, or was Bats sad because he was expecting Barry?

  4. Yep, it looks to me like Bats was missing Barry.

    So, two of the original Young Justice are dead. And like Superboy, the Bart that died was nothing like the Bart I really liked as a character.

    I wish they'd never artifically aged Bart (the second time). A teenager trying to fill the boots of the Flash would have had the emotional charge that the veneer of artificially aging Bart sapped away.

    Of course, the greater problem was that Bilson & Dimeo wrote a lousy story, and Ken Lashey couldn't draw readable panel-to-panel continuity if his life was on the line.

    Oh, and you should really get that "Told You So" dance up on YouTube!

  5. I'm sorry to hit a sour note amongst all these hosannas, but this just strikes me as a wretched end to Bart's story.

    I was not quite fourteen when Impulse #1 came out (at a time when the Flash titles were pretty much the only comics I was still reading), and in a very real sense Bart and I grew up together.

    So right now I'm feeling almost as bad as if I'd just heard that one of the kids I went to school with went all the way through West Point with flying colors, was shipped to Iraq, and got blown up the day after he arrived. (Almost.)

    And please don't tell me how it happens all too often in real life. This is comics. I thought DC had learned better.

  6. I'm sad at losing Impulse/Kid Flash (Bart!Flash less so). And that if they write at all consistently (no gaurentee of that) the Rogues are going to get SMASHED over this...

    And while I never bothered with the Meltzer JLA, I'm somewhat happy to see Wally returned again. Though any hopes for Wally/Kyle banter is tainted by the rumors of Kyle!Parralax...

  7. I'm glad they got Wally back as the Flash, but man, was there a nastiest way to go about it? And killing off Bart will just give us a reason for an angstier Wally.

    The plus side is that since Bart essentially arrived for the first time via time travel and then re-arrived even older through time travel, there's absolutely no reason a Kid Flash or Impulse couldn't just come running out the time stream at any minute, whenever DC's ready for a lighthearted character again.

    And I hate to say it, but I actually laughed at the scene of Robin getting sad about Bart dying. I'm surprised he even cares at this point, and isn't just like, "Ho hum, another Wednesday, another loved one murdered. Well, what are you going to do? Time to go on patrol."

  8. Arynne -- as a Green Lantern fan, I know how you feel. I'm holding back a lot of impulsive statements for that and no, I wasn't about to use the "it happens in real life" response because that response sucks.

    You can probably take some solace in that Waid is taking over, and so he'll probably do a time travel story with Bart or something within the year.

    Oh, and in a week if Flash fan-fighting spreads to the blogs, as my sister is a Bart fan things might get obnoxious around here. Its a sibling thing.

    LurkerWithout -- I'm sure that Kyle-lax is either misdirection or temporary, so that doesn't bother me.

    I still maintain it would be fun to see him in Parallax armor, and it'd be even more fun to see Wally react to that.

  9. In a WIzard online interview, Waid has said he's "taking the fifth" about whether or not Bart will be back in some way.

    I hope he does come back, as the fun, carefree kid he was always intended to be.

  10. I wonder if "Wally" is in fact Wally, though. I reread it today and was startled at how what Wally actually says seems a little Am I wrong? he could be just dazed, but then again...

  11. I hate you.

    I miss my Bart.

    And, for the record, you didn't spoil anything. I went right after work.

    I miss my Bart.


  12. Wrye -- He could just be written by Meltzer and drawn by Benes.

  13. I hope what I said didn't give offense to anybody. Now that I've had time to think about it, it was kind of an over-the-top comparison.

    However, I'm not sure that my original words after I read #13 would have been much better!

  14. Arynne -- Just a bit. Actually, if cursing was involved in your original reaction I think everyone would understand.

  15. I think Wally was just disoriented from being shot out of a lightning bolt after being non-corporeal for one and a half to two years. That'd put a strain on anybodies cognitive ability.