Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Okay, I was going to take a break from Comic Book Issues Blogging and just fanblog Green Lantern until the Sinestro Corps special comes out next week but I wanted to see what other people thought of this guy's comment policy:
Allow me to show you something, Angryrantgirl.

You have just claimed that I am not allowed to hold an opinion on something. For, and let's not blow smoke up my bum here, the simple reason that it doesn't match yours.

I have deleted your comment, and I have locked this post to keep you from commenting again.

This is actual oppression. I'm not allowing you to voice an opinion. This is a real reason to get angry, not the thong of an imaginary person.

Now, go get some sort of perspective in your life.


  1. So wait... is he saying he agrees with you? Heh.

  2. No, he's talking to AngryRantGirl. I'm not sure what she said because he deleted it, and so we have no way of knowing if it warranted such an outburst or not.

  3. wow, Privilegeboy wins bingo!

    Lessee, there's the dismissal/invalidation of the "not a real problem type," "why are you complaining about X when Y is happening?" which shows up on all political blogs made by all kinds of pseudo-enlightened types (ie "why are you wasting our energy complaining about sexism/racism/homophobia/poverty/environment when there is [pick any of them] to be dealt with?" which I also shorthand to "Don't you know there's a war on?" aka (at best) a declaration "I can't walk and chew gum at the same time" and at worst, a revelation of a selfish pseudo-liberal privileged mentality squealing at being asked to identify with any Other, ie bog-standard Asshole. As a longtime veteran at dKos, where a large number of female and GLBT posters were made so unwelcome that they left, I am waaaay too familiar with this behavior and personality type.

    Then there's the "I'll give you something cry about" traditional wife-abuser behavior, something that has been identified at Pandagon and elsewhere in feminist blogosphere - I remember an old blues song that has the alternating lament "Isn't there anywhere/a do-right man?" while the guy says "Honey/I ain't bad to you/I ain't good/but I could be a lot worse to you/If I would" which again is kind of bizarre - don't complain about being dehumanized, you're not really being hurt, I can smack you around and then you'll understand how good you had it before...

    Regardless of what AngryRantGirl said, this dude is a classic Misognyist asshole Privilegeboy, to be shunned.

  4. It's hard to accurately judge the dude's actions since he deleted the original comment that provoked him. That means all I have to go by is that AngryRantGirl said something he didn't like and he deleted it, which comes off as insecure and pretty effin' weak.

  5. Eh. It's his blog, so he can do what he likes. But I doubt I'll be heading back there, since he seems like a douche.

  6. Wow. She dared to voice a differing opinion? Well, he certainly showed HER!

    And then he probably wonders why he can't get a date.

  7. As I recall, ARG just posted a response explaining that alienating a segment of fans might, in fact, matter.

    I was willing to give the OP a pass on the basis of, "Yeah, those are some good points," but now he's just being an asshat.

    You have just claimed that I am not allowed to hold an opinion on something. For, and let's not blow smoke up my bum here, the simple reason that it doesn't match yours.

    I'm thinking projection here.

  8. Without knowing what was deleted, it's hard to say whether it was warranted or not. His attitude, however, suggests "over sensitive fanboy."

    In general, I don't object to comment deletion or moderation and do it myself from time to time. Sometimes it's the only way to keep a conversation civil and on topic.

  9. I'm a bit torn on this.

    One the one hand, I do believe that angryrantgirl CAN fly off the handle based on what I've seen in her postings in the past. But without seeing the post, I have no way of knowing for sure.

    On the other hand, reading this guy's other posts and his opinion that fandom is never going to change, so it's pointless for us to rant...

    Well, I've got to disagree with him on that point - regardless of what was said.

    A wiser man than me once said "Some things never change... only because nobody ever tries to change them."

    So yeah... the fact that my blogging about how the MJ Statue is sexist or that the Heroes for Hire Hentai cover is inappropriate for a book intended for 9 year olds probably will not dent the skulls of the 40 year old die-hard virgin fanboys who don't want to change their ways.

    But it might change the mind of one person. It might get one of those fanboys to say "Wait... this IS kinda sad, me wanking over a statue like this." And it might get them to examine their life and find some meaning in it outside of collecting ultra-rare Danger Girl covers.

    And forgive me if this sounds overly pompus - but isn't the idea that one person can make a difference for good and that no effort at do-gooding is pointless if you can help one person at the core of the themes of superhero comics?

    Just my two cents.

  10. Oh, oops, I sorta assumed "angryrantgirl" was a psuedonym for you, for some reason. I think it was because I assumed that a blogger would not blog about someone else's comment getting deleted, but I'm sure an argument for some kind of latent sexism could be made. My bad! :P

    So, it was safe to say, when I thought he had deleted your comment, that the guy was just a dick, but I guess I don't know anything about angryrantgirl and how unpleasant she might get. Regardless, my comment was a joke (and probably should have been explained as such). I agree with bellatrys' comments about wife-beating behavior and Susan's comment about projection - what I meant is that he seems to be making that conscious attempt to prove the feminist point, which strikes me as, well, odd. Usually the anti-feminists are, you know, acting like the feminists are just blowing smoke or something.


    It's his blog XD

    But still.. deleting somebody's comment and then telling the person off about it is just low. :\

    Either delete it and move on, or rebutt it. But deleting it and then talking about it is such a low thing to do in order to make yourself look right. :\

    And so by his logic, I can say him complaining about a blogger is nothing, and I should punch him in the face to give him something real to complain about? :\



  12. Thank god your talking about this Ragnell.

    That guy is...I can't even describe it. It makes me very angry, and it makes me hope something bad happens to his blog.

  13. Oh its William G. This is no shock. The petty bullshit flame wars that he was part of with Scott Kurtz and the Penny Arcade guys among others is legendary in the world of webcomics drama...

    "Good" to see he's found a new fandom to bring his dramatics to. Maybe he and Kurtz can have flame wars on Newsarama or somewhere about, I don't know, Image comics...

  14. My opinion is that anyone has the right to decide his or her own comments policy on their own blogs. If I don't like their policy, I won't comment on their blog. I'll comment on my blog and refer to the post in question.

    In fact, a blogger can decide to allow no comments, not just comments that agree with them. It doesn't lead to interesting discussions in the comment thread, but that's tough. A blog isn't a democracy by default.

  15. Typical internet knucklehead. He was behaving just like a kid at a playground who takes his ball and goes home because he can't beat the other kids in a fair game.

  16. The internet is big enough for autocratic dickheads, too. It's best to just leave them alone.

  17. Shelly - Kind of like I did here? :)

    What torqued me here wasn't the deletion, but the snotty attitude of the followup comment. "See! That's REAL oppression! And I'M the oppressor!" Like he's getting off on it.

  18. Looking at the original post, I can only say that there is nothing sadder than a self hating geek.

  19. Without knowing what was deleted, it's hard to say whether it was warranted or not.

    No. Nothing warrants sexist MC piggery. Warrants angry retorts, even insults, sure.

    "You fool, that's not an argument! Go learn how to tell a syllogism from an enthymeme before you start with me, twit!" are all intrinsically fine, even if they might be rude, and in any given case might be mistaken.

    But not a whole bunch of trite invalidating classic-male-abuser bullshit. Anybody whose response is such juvenile chauvinism also imo forfeits any presumption of justice on his side.

  20. ...and I wouldn't be at ALL surprised if he turned out to be one of those serial trolls who gets repeat banned and his sexist comments replaced with bunny videos at Pandagon, either.

  21. "Shelly - Kind of like I did here? :)"

    Exactly. Doesn't change the fact that the blogger is a jerk, but arguing with jerks is usually a futile exercise, like trying to herd cats.

    One of the good things about blogging is that everyone gets to voice his or her own opinions on their own blog and can control who replies to them on the blog. It's also one of the bad things about blogging. ;)

  22. "What torqued me here wasn't the deletion, but the snotty attitude of the followup comment. "See! That's REAL oppression! And I'M the oppressor!" Like he's getting off on it."


    And the fact that what ends up being left up is a couple of guys debating how women should be treated is hardly accidental - or incidental to to the criticism.

    Having the right to moderate comments on one's own blog according to personal whims does not make said actions immune from critique.