Saturday, June 24, 2006

Green Lantern Fun

Then there's Kyle Rayner. I mustn't forget Kyle Rayner, it's a very bad idea to ever forget Kyle Rayner on anything that's going to appear on the Internet.
-- Dave Gibbons (Wizard Entertainment interview)

The rest of the interview is fairly interesting. Please bear in mind that when he describes Soranik Natu as "hot" it's in reference to liking to draw her should you choose to examine artistic attitudes towards women (I won't, as I'm overflowing with Green Lanterny love right now.)

As for Kyle fans, his sweet doofiness is due out this week in Ion #3 with previews scans here (I dislike this artist, but Page 3 actually looks nice. Sure, not a butt in sight, but this is merely a preview).

The writer of the book is interviewed here, the last two questions are pertinent.

And the esteemed Devon of Seven Hells pauses from making light of Kyle to reconsider his value as a character.

Sadly, there is little Hal fun in sight (I suppose we were too blessed last week with him in 52 and Battle for Bloodhaven), but I'll keep my eyes open.


  1. I hate to be a nitpicky little fanboy about this, but wasn't Alex a blonde? Or is this some New Earth change as of just now revealed? :)

    Just joshing. Kyle was the one who got me into comics in the first place... but I agree. I'd be digging the series a lot more with better art.

  2. Alex was strawberry blonde I think. She's been a redhead since, anyway. :)

    *Nod* The art's getting steadily better, but I'd still prefer a different guy. Like Ivan Reis over on Hal's title, or Pelletier or Banks back. Hell, I'm sure a lot of artists would like a crack at Kyle. He's a character they can play with.

    (Just don't mention changing the artist in front of the writer. He's getting defensive of his partner over at the Comic-Bloc boards about it)

  3. Hal has an interesting sequence in this week's "Justice." Very Silver Age-y, but also poignant.