Monday, June 19, 2006

In other news..

The new contributor at Blog@Newsarama?

Yeah, that's me.


  1. And, >gasp<, they gave your TRUE NAME!

    Does this mean they have some sort of mystical control over your or something? Or like Silver Banshee can now kill you with her voice?

    Sorry, overly nerdy, sleep now.


  2. Good for you! Give 'em what for!

    (Um, which one is you?)

  3. Good lord, where do you find the time? This is three blogs so far, plus the Carnivals you organize; you trying for some kind of record? :)

  4. Cool beans. How soon before you can quit your day job? :-)

  5. Congrats Ragnell. So are they actually paying you?

  6. Kitty, JLG, West -- :)

    Steven -- With a name like that? Please, if anything I'm even more awesome through its power. I was hoping to shield you guys.

    Walaka -- The one who's bio says she was raised by wolves. (or will once I get my bio written up)

    Elayne -- Nah, I'm really only required to do a once a week feature, and WFA is the easiest for me. Posting here might calm down a bit (or move to images and links) until I get a good insight. The Carnival will be insane, though. Expect to see me stressed that weekend. (And I saw your post, hope I didn't offend you!)

    Megha -- *hugs back* Thanks!

    Ferrous -- It'll be a while. Besides, what would they do without me?

    Marionette -- Hehehehe, no, I write for free. At least, until I become famous.

  7. Rock on!