Monday, June 19, 2006

Post-Father's Day Wrap-Up

Looking for WFA links, I find other things. I thought I'd share some with you.

Kevin and Mag treat us to Silver-Age Superboy while the Fortress Keeper looks specifically at his father.

Gordon treats us to his favorite comedian.

Chris gives us a glimpse of Apokolips.

Melchior shares a Schnackenburg poem.

Jog runs by Raymond Briggs.

Johanna tells us about the ice cream parlor.

Jenn, after last year blasting commercial sexism, this year focuses internally on personal relationships.

And while that's not a post to follow, if anyone's curious as to what sort of father I have -- check out my livejournal.

And that's it for Father's Day 2006. Maybe next year I'll send him the flowers like I meant to, chickened out this time and went halvies with my sister on a CD instead.

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