Sunday, June 18, 2006

And now, your moment of warm fuzziness

Make-A-Wish Foundation helps 6-year-old girl with inoperable brain cancer be a superhero for a day

"I'd like to thank you for your extreme bravery in capturing Black," Mayor David Bieter said on the Statehouse steps after Black's arrest.

"You have shown extraordinary crime-fighting skills," Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson said before presenting her with a custom-made police uniform, badge and all.

Bieter proclaimed June 16 Make-A-Wish Day and Star Day, and swore her in as an honorary Boise police officer.

Aubrey also received a medal and pin from the city.



  1. "Aubrey made up other superheroes to help her fight crimes in scripted scenes on her special day. She equipped Lion Lady, Frog Lady, Dog Man, House Lifter, Sky Girl, Martian Manhunter and Tree Girl with their own superpowers."

    I absolutely *love* that image. J'onn would totally play along.

  2. Really sweet and nice, but I can't help cringing at the villain named Black.

    I know, it's innocent, and it's kid logic and all that.

    But still... A story out of Idaho (white supremacist hotbed, IIRC) about a superhero being thanked for capturing "Black"... it's like right out of the Onion.

    Before anyone yells at me, I'm just noting this, not screaming for anyone's head to roll.

  3. Anon -- Yeah, that's another example of our language being a bummer. They were going for black-hearted probably, completely ignorant of the racist origins of the word. I still catch myself doing that when I write, we need some better adjectives.

    Steve -- Not just played along, he'd have the rest of the JLA down there up to an including a flight from Superman or Wonder Woman. He's cool like that.

  4. I am just overwhelmed with the coolness of this story.

  5. "They were going for black-hearted probably, completely ignorant of the racist origins of the word."

    According to the story, "Black" is the name she came up with for the black character on Neighborhood Watch signs. It looks a little like the black Spy vs. Spy character.

    So from that perspective, it's entirely reasonable, especially when the name is bestowed by a small child.

    It's just that you need to read a bit carefully to pick that up.

    Ah well, kids.