Sunday, June 25, 2006

Women Weekly Geek-Out #5

No, I didn't forget, but lately I'm distraced by the heat. Summer in Oklahoma makes me long for the icy embrace of a snowy Pennsyvania winter -- the frosted mountains, the shaded woods, the warm stove when the heater went out. I adore the winter seasons here, and the between time. But when it comes to summer and we approach 90F every day, and surpass it every afternoon (often surpassing 100F), it gets to be problematic. I'm almost completely localized to the South now (I roll my eyes when my mother complains about the heat back home -- "Ma, you don't know rough weather...") except for this one thing. Especially when the air conditioning in your apartment goes out and you need to clean. Concentrating on linkblogging isn't easy at the moment.

But enough complaining, on with the links!

This week, I'm going to start out with Colleen Doran's blog, which is a daily stop for me. You can find posts about her personal life and thoughts, industry news, her work, and other tidbits there.

Lis Riba blogs more about personal and political topics, but rest assured, she is certainly a geek, though her greek cred is hidden deep in her archives and unearthed with a simple search.

Well, I was going to read this one all the way through before I linked it, but some news hit this week that made me want to link more webcomics. I've read the first chapter, it looks itneresting, but what captures me is the art. If you go through from the prolouge to the end of the fourth chapter, you can actually see her skill improve. It's called Shades of Grey, and its created by Robin Dempsey who also has a livejournal and a DeviantArt account.

Kalinara would kill me if I didn't link The Pen Stealer, especially as her partner-in-crime, Chu is also a female geek. They only have a couple chapters up so far, but even as a non-Manga-style fan I can see the art is lovely.

And finally, the reason I'm linking webcomics today -- Lea Hernandez has announced the requirements and guidelines for the Nan Grant, which aims to promote female webcomickers:

In order to foster women publishing independently, with economy, and as owners of what they create, I will award FOUR grants annually, of a year's free hosting at, to women making a regularly-updating new or existing webcomic of any genre or style.
The recipients will have unlimited data storage and bandwidth, the ability to choose to support their work with ads, and a storefront for selling merchandise.

If you're eligible, look into the details. And then come back and give the link to me if you get one of the grants.

Last week's WWGO can be found here. If you find a female-friendly and operated geek-site, please point me in the right direction either in the comments or through e-mail. I have a few in the queue, but could always use more to keep this feature running as long as possible.

I'll end with another link to the Carnival of Feminist Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fans, because I want more submissions. Thanks to everyone who's submitted and reposted that so far. We've got one week left!


  1. Whereabouts in Pennsylvania, Ragnell? My childhood was misspent in a small town in northern PA, and the winters were also a major formative influence on me. I'm miserable this time of year, even in the relatively mild summer temperatures of NYC. I'd die of heat prostration in Oklahoma.

    (I recently looked up that Pennsylvania small town on Wikipedia and was doubly astonished to find a) that it actually had a fairly sizeable entry, and b) it didn't mention that the town was built on an open Hellmouth and most of the population consists of demons. Ice demons, I assume.)

  2. RAB -- A little north of Scranton. Greenfield. :)

  3.'re the second comics blogger I've run into from the immediate vicinity of Scranton! My family lived in a town called Sayre -- I think Elmira, NY was the closest outpost of actual human civilization. We had many occasions to visit Scranton...which we likely would have done by heading east to Binghamton and then taking Route 81 south, so we would have passed right alongside Greenfield...

  4. We used to drive by Elmyra on the way to visit my grandparents (In Buffalo!), but yeah, 81 goes right by my hometown.

  5. Thank you very much for your link! "Shades of Grey" has been a great journey for me in regards to both artwork and storytelling ability. It is wonderful to have my webcomic recognized!