Thursday, June 15, 2006


This is the first time I've ever actually done this. Oh, I've joked about it, but I've never really done it.

Not when I was 19 and picking up the habit again after Basic Training.

Not when I was 12 and reading X-Men still.

Not even when I was a young girl and stealing copies of Boy's Life from my brother (One day, I will find the end of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea...)

Not even collecting back issues, there was always another angle to satisfy me.

I can honestly say that this is the very first time I picked up a comic book specifically to see the fight on the cover. I had been waiting for this fight since they announced Kyle would be Space-bound and Hal would be the Earth-GL.

I didn't buy the other four issues. I barely skimmed the rest of the plot. I simply read the fight.

It had 31 pages.

2 pages were prose.

8 were ads.

8 had the villain on them.

4 featured the hero fighting the villain.

It cost me 3 dollars.

It was glorious.

There was a refrigerater construct.


  1. I like the page at the front, where it details all the characters involved in the story. I instantly thought "YIKES!", as it was quite a lot.
    Though I do like the Nuclear Family.

  2. And we got the definitive answer as to whether she was cut up and shoved into the fridge, or just shoved in there.

    Unless we already had the answer and I'm just behind. Either way, I've enjoyed the whole mini so far.

  3. Martin -- yeah, that's kind of a neat concept.

    Darko -- Well, Hal's not always known for having the best info, and I really doubt Kyle would have gone into detail with him.

  4. Don't take as canon Hal's assertion that Alex was cut up. He was upset and trash talking.

    Unless he was talking about Kyle's Mom in the oven...

  5. It was also interesting to see Gordon Purcell and Jimmy Palmiotti work together for the first time, I believe. Didn't look to bad. Has this series improved after the first issue?

  6. I thought it was a nice touch of having Force's head stuck in the Freezer.

    Dan, the series has stayed about the same quality overall. However, this issue was probably the most fun of them so far. They are going to have to have a large body count next (last) issue for things to really make sense, in my opinion.

  7. I read the fight ragnell was talking about tonight- and my reax was- "Holy crap, that was awesome!" Go Hal!

  8. Forgive my ignorance, but what is this comic under discussion?

  9. Mari -- Opps, Battle for Bludhaven #5.

  10. Gah! And there I was checking out everything with "green" or "lantern" in the title for the last year.