Saturday, June 17, 2006

Weekly Women's Geek-Out #5

(Ladies and Gentlemen, Ollie Queen -- Dumbest Person in the DCU)

After much procrastination, I finally finished writing up the announcement post for the First Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction/Fantasy Fans and am now free to do this, the other project I procrastinated on. My Five Female Geek Bloggers links in a feature I could have chosen a snappier name for but didn't. (Last week's list is here)

First, a word on the Carnival. The Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans periodically collects posts from the hazy side-reality where feminist social consciousness meets the outer limits of the imagination. This is to draw attention to lesser known bloggers, to bring individuals of like-minded (or at least, understanding) interests together, and to foster the growth of feminist fan communities. It'll be held here on July 2nd, deadline for submissions is June 29th, use the submission form or email me, details here.

I was offput this week when I realized not every comics or political blog has a link to Pen-Elayne on the Web. Then I realized I hadn't gotten around to putting one up. Oops. She mostly links, gives valuable information to the non-geeky world (the one I shun voluntarily), and links some more and sometimes there's pictures. I've had her in my bookmarks for ages and am a little embarassed I never put her on the blogroll until today. Sorry, Elayne!

Earlier this week, I linked to Poison Ivory's early Justice League scans (And stole one for this post), but that's worth linking again. Also worth linking at is her point about Lois Lane's publicity shots. (I would've gone with courage or guts, myself)

By now you all know Gail Simone has a blog, but here she is anyway. She has a few script excerpts, and her opinion on fanfiction up, in addition to the much-linked writing tips and puppy love.

I found a new webcomic. Planet Karen! which is worth visiting just for this, and consistently interesting and amusing thereafter. Bookmark her for your regular webcomics visits.

And finally, Shannon immediately impressed me when I followed a backlink and found she was the first person to point this out (Another example of how desensitized to cheesecake I've become). The ADD Theater archives contain a lot of links and a few drawings, but in the past couple weeks she's spent time blogging and linking about racism in comics -- go read.


  1. Dunno how I missed this blog for so long, me always trying to find thoughtful commentary from all viewpoints on-line.

    Regardless, your post at is the best criticism of Judd Winick's approach to activist writing that I have ever read. And I include myself in that. ;)

    Seriously, I just wanted to say good job and thank you for convincing me that I'm not alone in fighting the battle to show that there are SOME intelligent, reasonable people in this hobby.

  2. Wow, thanks for your wonderful words, Ragnell! To tell you the truth, since I started reading most blogs via their RSS feeds I didn't even know you hadn't blogrolled me. ;) I do try to put more in my blog than Silly Sites, link-dumps and photos, but I tend to get so caught up in reading (and then realize I'll never catch up) that I forget to leave time to actually write essays. I have done some though, honest! And I'll try to do a post for the sf/fantasy Carnival as well.