Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Got a Laugh Out of This

Minor Supergirl #6 Spoilers

I read Supergirl #6 and one of my hopes was dashed. The 16-year-old girl is still being heavily sexualized.

To think those cover costumes had given me heart.

However, the art is much more reasonable -- if still cheesecakey -- and the writing is infinitely better now. We're not universally expected to like her, but to understand that she's a hotheaded teenager and that's not a positive trait. As such, I like her a lot better. Rucka does indeed have skill.

And I did get a laugh from this issue.

You know how, even when the solicits have revealed something like a mystery identity or someone's death months in advance they still treat it as a surprise in the actual book? So, even when we know who Nightwing (Wow, yet another Nightwing in the DCU!) in Kandor is, they'll still have a big reveal where she shows up, is mysteriously clad in the uniform for a page or two and her identity is then revealed in a surprise manner.

Which we got, below:

Did you recognize those breasts?

A full page before they show her face, and it serves to identify Power Girl.

I laughed for ten minutes.


  1. Actually, I noticed that yellow, thing that runs just above the breasts. I think it's the cord that keeps the cape on?

    I mean I already knew who it was, but that was the clue for me.

    I agree that Supergirl seems to have been introduced to food over the year, as she seems to have added some weight.

    And I liked both characters portrayals, which was a tad surprising, as I haven't really given a crap about this Supergirl thus far.

    She still isn't a favorite, but she's more interesting to me now.

  2. Maybe it's just me, but in this image it seems your eyes are being drawn towards Power Girl's glowing, bright red crotch. Yikes. Plus, at first I didn't see the beams coming from Supergirl's eyes, and just assumed PG's breasts has some strange kind of 'flame-on' power. Double yikes.

    Strangely, I'm now tempted to pick up this issue. Despite the disappearing chest, that Nightwing outfit looks like just about the best costume I've seen all year (better than the other female 'Nightwing' in the solicits).

  3. Yes it was a massive improvement over earlier issues, although I still like the Waid/Kitson Supergirl better.

    Given Power Girl's notable introduction in this issue, will it be too long before some enterprising sort devises a "breast signal" to call her?

  4. Hah! Yeah, I laughed at this too. It's as if a cleavage-revealing oval is pretty much one of Power Girl's physical attributes, now. If we don't see it at least once in a book, we won't really acceept that it's her, even if we've seen her face.

  5. A...joke? In a Greg Rucka comic? Everything I WRONG!!!

  6. ...holy shit.

    This image raises so very many questions:

    1. Why would Peej wear her cape underneath a whole other outfit?

    2. Why is Supertorso staring so intently at her breasts?

    3. Why did the colorist choose to make it look like Nightpeej is wearing crotchless chaps? (Related question: how much does a wax like that run you, and how often do you have to get it redone?)

    Oh man. XD

  7. Because, ya know, nothing ties together a costume better than a Red Kryptonite chastity belt.