Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Flash is Starting to Scare Me IV

I found this blurred and aged panel flipping not through the pages of a Lovecraft adaptation, the comic book version of Children of the Corn or some other horror movie, or even a PSA announcement on the dangers of cults.

No, this image was in DC Super Stars #5. The redheaded child is Wally West, better known in those days as the teenaged sidekick fo the Flash -- Kid Flash.


  1. Gah. Village of the Damned auditions are next door, you freakin' replicants.

    They may as well be sharing that "ready!" balloon.

    That's a creepy cranium he's sporting too. Actually, now that I think about it, Elongated Man's early appearances had him with similarly eerie proportions--beyond what his powers could account for. Weeeird.

  2. Ditto that on the forehead. Looks like he should be on DragonBall Z.

    Of course then he'd scream out "AHHHHHHH! READY!" And it would take five issues to actually answer any questions.

    Which might explain where Bendis learned how to write from.

  3. That's "BV" (you can see the little V inside the B) and I would presume it means "Blue Valley" - where Wally grew up. The fact that this little bit of trivia is taking up space in my brain irritates me to no end...

    Anyway, I thought of Billy Mumy in the "wish it into the cornfield" episode of Twilight Zone when I saw that picture. I don't know why, he doesn't look like Mumy at all - maybe its because I wish that someone WOULD wish it into the cornfield - he's creeping me out.

  4. They look like they should be saying "Deustchland uber alles" to me. Freaky.

  5. They were pledging a Blue Valley High School fraternity.

    Things were different in the Seventies.