Wednesday, January 18, 2006

(She must be reading Supergirl)

I've been link-farming for When Fangirls Attack for 15 days now, and I've yet to see the panel at right in a post.

For shame, folks, for shame.

Anyway, Carnival of Feminists #7 is up here and mirrored here.

It's a big one this time. Lots of neat stuff.

The Comic-Book section has the most posts. I made it for my Bulleteer #2 review this time. Kalinara made it twice. A number of people I found while link-farming are there too.

Check it out.


  1. Little bit of irony considering that Big Bertha's secret identity is that of a supermodel.

  2. I'm oddly torn between saying:

    1. It's been 15 days already?!


    2. It's only been 15 days?!

    At the same time. :-)

  3. Gripped by an uncontrollable impulse to part with my money, I bought the GLA Misassembled trade yesterday afternoon. It provides a funny meta-commentary on comics in general, and Identity Crisis in particular. I think Dan Slott's a genius.

  4. Squirrel Girl should be an inspiration to women every where!

    She has the ability to talk to squirrels and she still beat Thanos, modok and a giant monster all in one day. While running errands.

    She's apparently the strongest being in the universe!

  5. Congrats on the Bulleteer review! I thought it was great!

  6. Forgive me for being a little slow on the uptake ... from which comic is this panel taken? It's well-drawn, and rather amusing.

    I wonder if any comic authors or illustrators will ever be bold enough to give us a female super-hero with a few extra pounds? Twenty-five extra pounds of padding would really help deflect bullets, and might look pretty good.

  7. I think I need to add Age of Consent to my subscription...

  8. Thanks guys.

    Rich -- It's from GLA: Misassembled. A great book.

  9. GLA: Misassembled ... that's written by Dan Slott? Say no more :)

  10. It's a good panel when taken alone. In context it is either running on some higher level of self-parody that I fail to grasp or it just doesn't work.

    As David Lawson points out, as any kind of statement it is completely undermined by the fact that Big Bertha is a supermodel and not only can she control her physical appearance to be the kind of stick figure she is complaining about, but her day job is doing exactly that.

    So while Squirrel Girl's comment is both funny and appropriate, Bertha is actually directing her disgust at herself in her secret identity, which is rather less funny and more disturbing.

  11. I pretty much thought Dan Slott hit the nail on the head with the dialogue in this panel.