Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mild Linkblogging

After years of inactivity, T has started blogging again.

Ethan Van Sciver has finished Green Lantern #9 already. And it's still due out in the same month it was solicited for!

Geoff Johns is kind (or cruel) to entice us with preview art on Comic-Bloc. Here is a Pacheco page from Green Lantern #7 and some Ivan Reis art from Green Lantern #11. I think I may be in love. At least, until I actually see what Ivan looks like. Right now I picture him like he draws Kyle Rayner.

Another thread of interest on that board is the one speculating that Green Lantern Villains are based on Message Board Stereotypes.

Spencer Carnage points out a superhero with impeccable taste.

Deadline for the Carnival of Feminist 7 is set for 7AM EST Monday.

An excellent art blog. (Somewhere in this blog's archives is a picture of Cameron Stewart, the penciller of Manhattan Guardian, in a Firestorm costume)

Here's the Newsarama article the Reis art was snagged from. Some hints on Green Lantern, and Batman sounds good this year.

Newsarama also promises the April Solicits on Monday. They already have the cover and solicit for Infinite Crisis #7 up.

I noticed this only because he linked to me and I saw it on Technocrati, but Dan Jacobson wrote about the recent Mutant depowering at Marvel. Pretty good.

Zombie Mallet has an interesting theory about John Byrne.

This is a wierd site.

And finally, like Jon, I joined the mob and drew Batgirl. See my wretched scribblings on my rarely updated livejournal.


  1. Hmm... I may have to whip me up a Batgirl sketch too. I bought a drawing tablet today... It'll be the perfect opportunity to give it a testdrive.

  2. Green Lantern 11's the one that's supposed to have Kyle in it right?

    *stares at the pretty art*

    I thought about trying to draw Batgirl...heh, but diamondrock's *seen* my attempts at drawing...

  3. Batgirl's the new Jodie Sweetin. Three hundred-ish people have been over to the Gutters since I put that silly little drawing up. If I'd known that'd happen, I'd've, like, tried harder. Jeez.

    Incidentally, your picture, she does not show up.