Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kyle's New Costume

Nothing gets the guys at Comic-Bloc talking more than Kyle Rayner's wardrobe. This thread is jumping. It's up to 12 pages already. Ron Marz himself even got sick of the arguing, and chimed in at about Post #134. Aside from that, thread highlights are Wyldewolfe's response, this inversion of colors to outline the emblem, and James Meeley's response to Ron Marz.

There's also a redo with Kyle's classic crabmask posted there.

There's so much complaining, someone sent out a call for everyone to do their own costume redesign.

This was my shot at it.

I tried a male, I can't draw males, so I figured I'd go with Kalinara's gender-skewing and see what a female Kyle would look like.

What do you guys think?


  1. I think your female Kyle looks Hindu. All they need is the red dot on the forehead. ;)

    Seriously, It looks like a blend between Kyle's first Ion suit and Jade's post-GL/pre-Outsiders suit.

    It's interesting, but I think what I'd like to see in more "armor-style" in Kyle's duds. You know, like his first original outfit had. It only made sense that when facing dangerous threats, you'd want more protection than a thin layer of spandex can afford you.

  2. Hey, man. I only have one flesh-color marker.

    I was going for a blend between Ion and a regular GL Corpsman suit. Jade's was basically a GL Corpsman suit with a star instead of a Lantern.

    nd the padding is one of the strengths of the Jim Lee design. Kyle's build is slight, so I always figured he'd want armor to look more imposing.

  3. Now I'm bitterly tempted to draw my own, just in case this turns into the next Batgirl Meme. I don't want to be caught unawares. Aw, to Hell with it, gimme like an hour.

  4. If you put the red dot on her, it would say she's married.

  5. Hmm... I wonder how far this could go as a meme. The Comic-Bloc thread has a lot of pcitures posted already.

  6. The "red dot" is the Hindu third eye. It is not, as some think, necessarily a sign that the person is married.

    I don't particularly like the new costume. It's much better than the old Ion getup, but I think it's lateral motion from the current outfit. I think my main hangup is the "faceless mask," which looks dumb. That version with the crabmask rocks, as does Jon's redesign.

    Anyway, I notice there's no ring, which suggests that Ion isn't exactly a GL anymore.

    And, even though he may not be a GL, has anyone else noticed that the lantern, once again, isn't green? Maybe I'm just picky, but that was one thing that really stuck out about his last costume: there were, like, seven lantern emblems on it and not one of them were green. Not a one. He's not the "black lantern with a green center," he's Green Lantern.

    Sigh. I think Blue Beetle made out pretty good, compared to Kyle and poor Peter Parker.

  7. Man, Tom, I can almost hear you sigh at the beginning of that comment.

    I'm with you on the face covering as the main hangup, but even Marz has hinted that that's not really a mask, in the above-linked thread (now up to 22 pages).