Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why can't poor Kyle ever cut a break?

I mean, seriously, Kyle Rayner's dayjob is artist. He's known to be vain. He's established as exceptionally good-looking out of costume.

But instead of leaving him in a normal Green Lantern uniform, where he looks absolutely adorable, they have to give him some unique look. And he gets stuck with the worst costumes.

Case in point: Comics Continuum has a preview cover of Ion #1.

Maybe it's not as bad as it looks. Maybe we'll see the interiors and find that it's wierd lighting. Maybe we're all just disappointed not to get a Green/White color scheme again like last time he was Ion. Maybe we're disappointed the floppy hair isn't back. Or maybe there's just something off about the hands.

But there is always some glaring little thing wrong with a Kyle Rayner. First, it was the crabmask, then it was the dog collar, now its -- Well, everyone seems to see a different problem here.

Can't any of these guys design a costume?

Are we going to have to get out a Ouija board and have Gil Kane do it for them?


  1. It's a conspiracy against Kyle at DC. That's the only thing that makes sense. All those old time Hal Jordan loving editors and creators are trying to make Kyle as unappealing as possible, because they are still so angered that Kyle was suprisingly popular enough to keep Jordan from being GL for over a decade.

    The only good thing about this Ion costume, is having his face covered, means more material to be shreaded off Kyle in battles, which I'm sure will please Kalinara. ;)

  2. Man, I thoguht the worst thing was the mask. That is not a face you should cover!

    I've still got my fingers crossed he'll be Hal's boss. I have that much faith still in DC.

  3. The worst thing is definitely the mask...though on second thought it's not *that* bad. Definitely going to take some getting used to.

    And James is of course right. More material to lose.

  4. Yeah, my reaction was "what the hell is up with that mask?"

    The rest of it I'm okay with, though for some reason the gloves look a bit . . . big. Not sure why.

  5. Well, I've blogged about this, as well. Check it out:

    Maybe Ragnell and I could start a movement to get Kyle a decent uniform. ;)

  6. He looks like the Marvel Captain Marvel from Peter Davids run.

  7. It's growing on me. My first reaction was unfavorable, but I'm really starting to like it. And I don't. Know. Why.

  8. The mask is weird, but my biggest problem is that it does nothing to get Kyle away from looking like Green Lantern, Jr. I'd kind of assumed the point of making him Ion again was to make him not look redundant; this is harder to do when he's got a green lantern on his chest.

  9. I'm all for calling upon the spirit of Gil Kane. Maybe we could get him to replace some of today's current comic "artists"?

  10. My thought was "why is Kyle wearing the Psycho-Pirate's Medusa Mask?"

    What an odd look for a hero...

  11. I don't think there can be too many Green Lanterns. I'm one the of the people worried he's being taken too far from the Lanterns, actually.

    And I'm almost positive that face obscuration is not a mask, but wierd lighting. I hope.

  12. Actually, a new theory I see starting to pop up, regarding the cover to Ion #1 and the sacrifice that sends Kyle down that road in Rann/Thanagar War Speaicl #1, is that Kyle gets disfigured in some way, which is him "sacrificing" his humanity (to some degree), which is why his face is hidden from us on Ion #1.

    What do you think of that?

  13. I think that's a major thing for someone as vain as Kyle, actually.

    I'm also wondering about the wording a bit. "Will he use his might for right?"

    Maybe the sacrifice isn't physical. Could Kyle have sacrificed his sanity or his soul somehow? His identity, perhaps? Or is it a reference to the new power, a sacrifice of his humanity?