Saturday, January 21, 2006

Green Lantern Fashion

I swear, I was writing my John Stewart post last night. But close to sunrise, I fall prey to a medical condition common among Night-shifters.

You see, my brain starts tor resemble cottage cheese.

This has prevented me from finishing my John Stewart post.

It has also further dulled my wit to the point that I cannot make a recognizable joke.

So, instead, I have a special treat that I've been saving for all of you.

That's right, it's the Green Lantern Corps dress uniform, as modeled by Kilowog!

Please note the length of the cape.

It allows an uninterrupted view of the most important body part.


  1. Bleh, what is the point of a little cape I ask you.

    However, losing that, the hat and the cravatte might actually make that thing tolerable.


  2. I think you should start a draw-your-favorite-GL-in-full-dress-uniform LJ meme...

    or maybe not.

  3. You are a charter member of the new
    Comic Blog Legion!
    Spread the word!

  4. Not only did you just post a Kilowog ass-shot, you posted a shot of Guy Gardner checking out Kilowog's ass.

    One day I'm going to decide if you're the best or worst thing on the internet. And then, how the skies will fall.

  5. The skies have already fallen, Chris.

    Didn't you get the memo?

  6. "Chicken Little was right."
    --Wiloughby Kipling