Friday, January 13, 2006

More on JSA #81

I just realized that I never pointed out the second thing I noticed in JSA #81 last week.

Slight JSA and Bulleteer Spoilers here, so read on at your own risk.Spoiler Warning

The Shade can fly.

"Ragnell, he could always do that."

Name one time you've seen him floating without being actively lifted by his own constructs.

"Well, okay, that's what he's doing there."

Look closer. There is nothing underneath those feet and the only shadow construct in that picture is the giant hand catching the statue.

The only conclusion we can make is that the Shade is now flying under his own power.

How or why is anybody's guess.

(Personally, I suspect he's found a happy thought.)

(No telling what it could be, though)


  1. Great Krypton! The Shade can fly! Nice catch. I didn't notice that when I went through the issue. I'll also admit that I don't get the significance of the three images you posted...

  2. Shade is cool! But that coat's too long. It makes him look a bit like his legs are too short. Like a demented leprechaun. :-)

  3. I'm just going to say Dickie's been able to fly his whole career. He just never does it because he finds it ostentatious and a little garish.

    Besides, if I'm willing to accept that evil shadow powers make you immortal for some reason, I'm willing to accept that evil shadow powers can also make you fly.

  4. I don't know much about the character at all, but could it be that he's "flying" by manipulating the shadows in the folds in his clothes, in much the same way that Magneto "flies" by controlling the metallic parts of his costume?

    If the Shade can make bits of shadow move around spontaneously, what would happen if that bit of shadow was "attached" to him when he moved it?

  5. Kelvin wins a fictional DC No-Prize.