Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Think I Could Cry

After days of compiling the posts relating to females in comic books, I ran across a Dissenting Opinion. Now, I don't mean a "You're overreating a tad, aren't you?" post. I mean, an honest-to-goddess Dissenting Opinion. It complained about the suggestion that indy comics or manga had better portrayals of women than mainstream DC and Marvel. Some of the wording was foul, but it was an excellent argument.

It was somewhere on livejournal, and I think it had a dark blue background.

I was so excited to find it, the rarest of posts, and quickly copied the link to post later on When Fangirls Attack.

Or, rather, I thought I copied the link.

I lost it.

And now I can't find it again. Even through Technocrati.

And now I'm all sad.


  1. I cry a little when the Cosmic Rod looks that screwed up. God, has the thing not made enough appearances? Is there no style guide?

    ...oh, wait, Empress turned white earlier this week. Clearly, there is no style guide.

  2. Man, someone needs to put together an "Artists Guide to the DCU" for these guys.

  3. Bah, the rod looks fine. I didn't even notice. Eaglesham's art is too good for me to complaing about a little thing like the Cosmic Rod (or the fact that Courtney got her braces off quite awhile ago).

    And sorry you can't find that post.

  4. Actually, I found it just an hour ago! It was in a comment section, so it was no wonder I hadn't seen it. Thanks, though!