Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wonder Woman Writer Interviewed

An interview with Allan Heinburg (Via Prism) that I had to share.

"Basically, in order to save the earth, [Wonder Woman] had to essentially commit murder," Heinberg said. "And so the world at large and the superhero community at large are very ambivalent about her."

Her gods "have retreated from the astral plane, as have the Amazons," he said. "She's left all by herself, sort of orphaned and trying to decide whether or not she's going to continue."

He mentions that he finds her relatable as an outsider, then it veers into pointless stuff about Marvel books before returning to the important issues.

When Heinberg takes on the print comic in June, the visuals may be completely new as well. Heinberg will work with the popular artist Terry Dodson, known for his sexy women and fluid action scenes.

"I think we're trying to make the book as smart and as entertaining and as sexy as we can," Heinberg said. "There's an element of sexual tension that hasn't been there for a while, some romance. A lot of action."

The story "goes out of its way to honor the character's history, but we're really forcing her and the book into new territory," he said. "I think it will be a treat for fans of the TV show, but also, longtime fans will not feel alienated in any way."

Is it June yet?


  1. "it veers into pointless stuff about Marvel books before returning to the important issues."

    That sentence alone was worth the price of admission to your blog today!

  2. I'm a bit worried about a line in this month's solicitations:

    "The adventures of the all-new Wonder Woman continue in Part 3 of the 5-part "Who is Wonder Woman" as three of her predecessor's most powerful enemies unite to declare war on the Amazing Amazon."

    "All-new Wonder Woman?" "Predecessor?" Wha?

    I'm REALLY hoping they aren't replacing Diana (again) with another character. I haven't seen anything like this in various interviews, so I'm hoping that this is DC teasing us, but man, if they're doing another reboot I'll be torqued.

  3. Whatever happens, it's got to be better than Greg Rucka's.

  4. I have been enjoying this guy's 'Young Avengers' despite the certain origin story that involves a scene that would certainly be under scrutiny in this blog, so I do have high hopes for his take on Wonder Woman, and I hope he doesn't that small moment of Mark Millarism here.

  5. How could somebody even think of replacing Wonder Woman with somebody new? Not only is Diana one of the Big Three, she's the only one who has a built-in excuse for utter agelessness. She gets no respect.

    To illustrate my point, an Elseworlds sales pitch...

    "Hey, I've got an idea... let's replace Superman with an angrier, edgier Kryptonian kid from the wrong side of the Smallville tracks whose spacecraft was damaged by the House of El! He'll have the same powers, but with more attitude! It'll be great!"

    Even a Marvel editor would shoot that down.

    Wonder Woman is an ICON, dammit!