Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So, do I lose my membership for this?

I was linked in Beau Smith's latest column, so I suspect they'll be taking away my Feminist Card any day now, as I've sold out the movement. Nah, he's not anti-feminist. Too many writers pay us lip-service when we complain, then turn around and keep portraying women as lesser characters and sex objects. This guy can actually deliver a book with thoughtful, strong, and diverse female characters. If I had the power I'd have him writing Wonder Woman (and I'd like to thank the juvenile friend who convinced me to go for less suggestive phrasing there. Yeah, you all know who it was.)

Anyway, I e-mailed him to ask him if he had any future Earp projects in the work, and sent links to Kalinara's Awesome Women of Warrior Post and my Complete Wynonna Earp Review. In return, he linked us in his column with some lovely comments, and posted some Wynonna Earp art (He promised me he was working on a new miniseries). I'll keep my ears open and let you know when it hits production.


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  2. Beau was interviewed on the Comic Geek Speak podcast a month or two back, and he gave his definition for what he considers a Real Man to be - a good father, a good husband, a good son, and a good brother. The man talks like a Louis L'amour novel, but that statement led me to believe that the man truly gets it.