Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekly Women's Geek-Out #1

For those of you who missed the Great Larsen Debacle, I'm getting sick and tired of male geeks freaking when they see a girl in the Clubhouse. I don't appreciate the assumption in fandom that everyone's male, and the subsequent doubting of my gender when I correct them. I am not a unicorn. I am not some variety of Bigfoot. There is no need to stare when I come in. I'm just there to look in the quarter bins for back issues of Warrior, Blue Devil, or other hard to find old books. Put your camera away.

Anyway, because I really don't think we're all that rare a phenomenon, I've stolen borrowed a Weekly feature (HatTip to Philobiblon's Friday Femme Fatales) to demonstrate just how normal (well, relatively normal) a femine geekery can be. So, here it is, the first five females on the Weekly Women's Geek-Out (Because Fan Fatale and Fangirl Rampage were taken, which alone makes me wonder how people got the impression women were rare in Geekdom)

First up is Sarah at Great Hera! and Alert Nerd. If you haven't heard Sarah's answer to the infamous column that spawned this feature, here you go. Once you're done with that, here's a clue that should tell you what she, I, and Beau Smith all have in common.

I don't follow horror much, except when Lovecraft is involved (Vote Cthulu 2008!), so I never would have found Pretty Scary (For Women in Horror by Women in Horror) if I hadn't been following Alert Nerd. Which is a shame, because I would have missed this ingenius review of Slithers.

Then we have a Canton at Exercise in Futility, the self-described Comics Blog with an Inferiority Complex (We're going to have to work on that). When brave enough to post, she is insightful and intelligent. And we can always count on her weekly reviews. She's new to fandom, though, so go say "Hi" to her and rag on her to post more often. (Let it never be said the name Ragnell the Foul is indicative of a gentle heart.)

Okay, I've known about Metrokitty for a while now. Actually, I've known about this one since before I even started my blog (I was searching for essays about the Shade and found this), but I haven't gotten around to putting her on the sidebar. I do, however, keep sending her posts into the Carnival of Feminists, so I have been sending some traffic there. She does her own comics!

Resplendant Beard probably doesn't need my traffic (as she is immensely popular), but she's where I look first for my DC news. She's worth checking daily (even for the little stuff), but I especially look forward to her on solicitation day. And just like you, she wanted to shoot the damned dog.

Anyway, that's just the first five. They'll be added to the blogroll. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this up, but I am entirely open for nominations. Feel free to comment below.


  1. "I am not some variety of Bigfoot."


    Must resist humor!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this: proving a point and yay! new blogs to read.

  3. "Oh... my... goodness!"

    Look at that Phil Jimenez hair!

    The guy on the right (Gunfire?) is okay, but Damage and the middle guy need to get a haircut.


  4. Woo! Thanks for the linkage, Ragnell - I'm honored to be linked from such an awesome and classy blog. (And thanks for sending in the feminist posts!)

  5. Oh, gosh.... Let me echo Kitty in that sentiment. I am honoured (with a u). Seriously. Just... wow.

  6. Wow! Great column idea -- I love it! And what an honor to be mentioned...thank you.

  7. Mallet -- *Piercing glare*

    100LittleDolls -- Yep! One of the great things about WFA is I keeping finding new blogs.

    Steven -- Well, Nineties hair, y'know. Every other guy's got a mullet.

    Kitty -- It was a pleasure. (Though I can't believe someone called this blog classy -- As I write this, I am the #1 Google Result for "Kyle Rayner's butt")

    Canton -- Yay! I got a gratuitous "u" in my compliment!

    Sarah -- No problem, and thank your blog-buddy for linking me to Pretty Scary.

  8. Thanks for doing this - awesome job!

  9. Ragnell - thanks for this post to link me to some new, interesting blogs. I'm always glad to find other female geeks... I too grow tired of being looked at like I was some sort of alien species when I walk into a comic book store.