Sunday, May 14, 2006

My New Favorite Panel

A friend saw this, and knew I'd want it. Called it the "Ragnellest" Panel ever! He said that because of the presence of the Golden-Age Flash, Power Girl, and the snappy dialogue I'd love it.

I do!

(Oh! And there's also the Freaky Green Frog-People from Outer Spaaaace!!!)
(Gotta love that)


  1. A-and they're maternal frog-people, appropriately enough!

  2. Note the remarkably plausible breasts on Power Girl.

    Ragnellest panel ever!

    Word verification: "oupee" -- one T short of a wig.

  3. But there's no Magical Cleavage Window!

    Not that that makes it any less Ragnellian, mind you, but is Power Girl really herself when she's masked?

  4. Anon -- *Nod* In keeping with yesterday's theme..

    Derek -- Well, by then he was getting on in years. And he is a Flash. They travel across times and universes very often. He may have just been throwing it out in the hopes that someone will correct him if he's in the wrong universe again.

    Isaac -- Yep, I think that's Joe Staton. It really wasn't until the 90s that the outrageous body proportions started.

    Toby -- Well, going by my theory that the MCW (Magical Cleavage Window) is actually part of a built-in sports bra/back support brace on her uniform -- because of it's build, I suspect she had an indentation of the bra seam that showed up throw the uniform and so she just got rid of the fabric there so it wouldn't show, and a seamless spandex uniform implies bralessness -- I'd say she's herself but fairly uncomfortable.

  5. Hmmm. I'm wondering if a super-strong Kryptonian running at super-speed could actually knock herself out with her own boobs...

    ...yes, I know they don't bounce quite that high...

    ...holy crap.

    That could be her last-resort melee weapon. Knocking people out with a swing of her boobs - she is invulnerable, after all, so they'd pack quite a punch on both the physical and psychological fronts.

    "Well, chief, they seem to be just regular garden-variety super-thugs that got knocked out in the battle."
    "Yes, sergeant, but why are they all drooling?"

    That line could be written with more wit.


  6. That's not the possessive. It's the contraction.

    "It is not 'gall,' Flash, it is determination."


  7. I was referring to Ragnell's description of PG's MCW in the comments, not the comic panel itself.