Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Comments? But I haven't even read my comics today...

Man, the comments are getting away from me here. I'm sorry about that, I hope no one's feeling ignored or snubbed, I just fret over answering comments. I think about what I want to say carefully, then return to them to see the conversation moved beyond me, and then I have to stop and think again. I should post a Comment Catch-up on the big threads, and will when I actually answer the threads in the Feminist post, the Monday Misogyny, the Wynonna Review (althogh, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to this comment) and the Manhunter post. Until then, if you have something to say, please keep commenting. I love hearing your stuff.

(Oh, and totally unrelated but there's a video at Dorian's everyone should watch. It's heavy stuff.)


  1. Boy, I sure hope you singled out my comment because I made good points, not because of my "comics man-slut" quip...

  2. Is it me or is the template on this page a little wonky? The links and the archives at the side are gone, and the page doesn't have as many posts as it usually does.

  3. Wait, you actually think about what you're writing before you spew it out onto the page?


    ... understanding of the internet has been shaken to its core.

  4. (I got a few posts with properly social replies down there! Still left some, though)

    Ferrous -- Nah, it was because you had a good point. I would've just quoted something to make fun of.

    Anon -- It seems fine as far as I can tell. Try reloading?

    Toby -- Hehehe.

  5. Anon -- It seems fine as far as I can tell. Try reloading?

    Nope. It must be a problem on my end. It's weird, no other sites seem to be loading oddly on my computer.

  6. Anon, it's acting wonky for me, too, on both Opera and Internet Explorer. Not sure about the number of posts on the main page, but the sidebar seems to be having issues.

  7. Hmm... I'll check the template tonight.