Saturday, January 01, 2011


Last year was reasonably uneventful. The first half of the year was dominated by work, testing for promotion (no one in the office made it) and preparing to go to Afghanistan. Then, Afghanistan. I read a lot while there. A lot of old genre fiction I found on sites like Munseys, trades I ordered online, digital comics and religious materials. I started a Goodreads there, since the website was accessible, if anyone'sinterested in my books and thoughts about them most of what I read it on it. Didn't count most of the digital short fiction though, so there is a lot of REHoward, Leigh Brackett and PK Dick that's listed that I really enjoyed.

In the few months since I got back I've been blogging more often, which translates to writing more often which is a fairly good thing. I'm not much for New Year's resolutions, I tend to make mine at the end of the year. One was to post every day in December, and that worked out nicely. Sadly, I did not enter the new year with a clean house, my comic book backlog all read, the laundry all done and the dishes all done... But I had some decent food New Year's and a snow day on the solstice so all in all it was a pretty good month.

I do have some left over items. I still need to read some items that I wasn't in the mood for last month (I hate to force myself to read or watch anything, it makes me uncharitable towards the work and often leads to not enjoying something I normally would), and finish a few books. So I'm going to give myself an entire year for these:

The Kalevala (English translation)
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
The Wiccan Mystic: Exploring a Magickal Spiritual Path (Almost halfway done with this)
Guardian of the Dead
Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars
Lorelei of the Red Mist
The Supergirls
Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors
Trickster Makes the World
Beyond Good and Evil (I have been a third of the way through this for a long time)
Legend of the King
No Good From a Corpse

Plus a bazillion superhero comics and anything else that catches my eye.

No promises, though. I have a criminally short attention span.

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